My first time at blogging  

AirborneDaddy60 57M
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2/5/2006 3:30 am

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11/22/2006 9:05 am

My first time at blogging

Okay, so this blog thingee is like an electron diary.
As noted above, in search of (IS a Goddess-Princess-Sex Kitten for adventure, fun, HONEST friendship, and yes mind blowing passionate sex, of course.
As a single father with custody of three wee ones, genders/ages f/6, m/4, m/3, and no real intimacy and great sex for almost two years (one year in Iraq and one year dealing with a soon-to-be-ex who was discovered plotting to kill me and be a widow w/ $400K and three kids versus a divorced inmate of some federal prison somewhere--I'm thinking I'm about due for something.

hotgirl4fun2006 53F

10/27/2006 11:05 am

Very honorable to be raising your children as you are. That is the most rewarding task we as humans can complete. Hard days ahead but if you made it through Iraq you are well equipped for this. Sia bene, Sia Felici e' Sia Sicuro

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