In Korea women cum first...  

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12/9/2005 6:49 am

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In Korea women cum first...

I want to lick you all over, I start at your mouth... then down your neck. I linger on your breasts, switching back and fourth, licking, sucking... nibbling... You push my head lower, I smell your musky dew as I lick your swollen, throbbing clit. It is as engorged as is my cock still trapped in my jeans. You grab for it but I push you back down... "No... you first", I whisper. I peel your fragrant flower apart and slide my thick tongue deep inside your wetness. My face is covered with your steamy hot cunt juice and I slide two fingers deep inside you, curling them up towards your pelvic bone. I find your G-spot and rub furiously as I nibble and suck your bouncing clitoris. You let out a deep moan as your hips buck madly. My fingers are covered with your clear girl goo and as you cum again you beg me to fist you. "Slide your whole Fucking hand in my pussy, Baby", you pant. I willing comply, the only lube needed is your own. I gently slide first three, then four...I gently work my thumb inside, slowly at first as you loosen up and spread your legs even wider to accept it. I finally break the plane and I slam it in to end zone for a Touchdown!! What a great Sunday this was and you are the greatest wide receiver I have ever thrown a pass to. Hope all you football fans enjoyed the game and the final score, GO BUCS!!

rm_redy_2_serv 41F

11/22/2006 3:55 pm

i've only been fisted once before but.... its long overdue! lol GREAT blog
contact redy_2_serv anywhere anytime lol

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