Riding around.....  

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9/4/2005 1:06 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Riding around.....

I'm not sure which I like more....driving my car (oh how I love my car) or riding my motorcycle. Both have their pros/cons. Driving a classic car on a regular basis and/or just looking at the car and knowing it's mine is quite a feeling. However, I have wanted my Harley for 20 years before I actually got it (wanted one since I was 9). Although it's just some metal thrown together with an engine...I'd seriously do some harm to anyone who defaced or stole my bike. It's my dream....not for anyone to mess with.

I've been riding the bike anyday I can (especially with the inflated gas prices). Gave a couple girls rides on Friday night. Just quick ones but they were both cute and would've enjoyed kidnapping either of them.

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