Excuse me, do you work here?  

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11/16/2005 3:18 am

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Excuse me, do you work here?

I pulled the tight shirt on, stretching it over my breast. I was wearing an open-cup bra, and when the thin, rough fabric slide over my nipples, they harden immediately. They pushed out to either side of the goat, which had been stretched askew by my large breasts. Experimentally, I touched a nipple and it sent an electric shock through my body. I felt a warmth grow between my legs, and I pinched the other nipple. My breath caught in my throat as I stared at myself in the mirror. I had to admit that I looked pretty amazing wearing that little shirt, especially with hard nipples.

I peeked warily over the top of the door, and I saw no one. My heartbeat accelerated, and I reached down to unfasten my jeans. My hand slide quickly under my panties to quench the fire I felt in my pussy. I watched myself in the mirror, pinched a nipple, but I was unable to see what my hand was doing inside my panties. So I quickly pulled them down just enough to expose the glistening shaven folds in the mirror. I was so horny and aroused that I did’t bother with any teasing. I went straight to my clit, and I rolled the hard nub under the tip of my finger. I gasped loudly, stifling a scream as an orgasm riped through my body without warning. My legs began to quiver, and I had to sit down on the little triangle bench in the corner of the fitting room. I continued to stroke my clit and netherlips slowly and gently as the orgasm subsided.

When I was able to breath normally again, I dressed and left the fitting room.

all this heat due to reading the following sexy story sent to me on my BlackBerry:

"The woman rose from her chair, but he reached up and squeezed her hand and pulled her back. He whispered with his mouth close to her ear. She blushed and shook her head. She got up to leave again, and again he grabbed her.

He held and she hesitated, regarding his pale body. His thighs were stretched out in gymshorts. His clothes spun nearby while his chest pimpled in the cold air. His skin was smooth except for where dark curls snuck out from below.

He opened his mouth, his teeth pressing his lower lip. His thumb moved a fraction on her wrist. And then he was standing next to her, breathing at her ear.

He touched her gently here and there. He whispered more words and she stared at the floor, but inclined her head toward him this time. She lowered her clothes bag. She did not seem to resist as he held her. She reached for his shorts but he took her hand a third time and gently turned her.

She was pressed against the spin-drying machine. It shuddered on her breasts.

He pushed up her skirt and pulled down her underwear. His gymshorts were around his ankles but she could not witness his erection. She made a noise as his cock dug into her, prising into the hot flesh, but it was lost to the clamour of the dryer.

His cock was heavy in her cunt, rooted in its black hairs.

He banged her with loud huffing breaths, remorseless and animal, squeezing her damp body against the metal.

The dryer rattled to a halt. She came loud in the silence. His thick spermy liquid followed."

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