My First Time  

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7/24/2005 11:42 pm

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My First Time

I was still really young, mentally that is. I had been going to gay bars for a while with my boyfriend. He too, was bi-sexual.
I was only 18 but looked 16. Later that evening at the bar, I got invited to a party in a very ' well-to-do' part of town, George, my B/f, didn't want to come but said, " Hey, go on. You may end up getting you're first piece of chick ass." With that I accepted the offer happily, and could hardly wait for Saturday.
Finally when that night came, I got dressed in a very nice expensive silk( my mothers)double breasted suit. Sable brown. It was a good fit, and looked as if it had been tailor made. Hitting my curves in all the right places, and low in the breast, in showed my perky cleavage, not even bothering to wear a bra, I put on a low hanging gold bead, and onyx necklace, that rested right between my breasts.
I was picked up at my apartment at 8:00 pm, and was in a 30 million dollar mansion in less than 15 min.
I arrived at a beautiful home with a in door/out door living. Making my way to the bar via a wooden bridge. It was a majestic and impressive room that was open air, and high ceilings. White marble covered the floors wall to wall.With a deck that had a complete view of the city in the distance. I approached the open bar, hoping to see the one person I knew. The very guy that had invited me, Jake. He was no where in sight. So with much trpidation I walked towards a sunken couch, and fireplace in the middle of this beautiful room, hopping to blend, and look as if I belonged there. All alone amoung lovely pampered women of stature, and grace,I felt completely out of my league. I sat next to a woman who was obviously wealthy, but had a kindness to her inside as well as very beautiful outside, in spite of her age...(Remember I was but 18 thirty-two to me then was older) ...we talked a while, and she made me feel comfortable. At least I knew somebody if Jake didn't show. We went for a refill, and walked out onto the deck to get away from the loud music, laughing and talking for nearly an hour, I liked her. As I looked out towards the city lights, I noticed her looking at me out of the corner of my eye. I suddenly felt a flush run through my body, starting at my neck, and ending in my now wet panties. " Hey," she said, now looking out across the city, " wanna took?",
I smiled, and said " Sure, where to?", she directed me to a small openway that lead to a elevator,down two floors, and past the pool, we where in a large bungalow. I hard music, and laughter, as well as a sweet smell of imported tobacco. she , and I walked past the crowd where she showed me into a large bedroom bathroom area. Sitting at the table she undid a cap, and left it there for me. As I leaned over to inhale, I felt her hand slide up my panty hosed leg. Stopping, I looked at her," Why stop", "Pay me no mind, I'm having a little fun". I finished my line, and stood in front of her, as she undid my buttoned down front. Slowly she pulled my dress off my shoulders, leaving me standing topless in front of her. Cupping my breast her mouth touched nipple, sucking licking , and nibbling my hard nipple. Slowly her hands dropped down to my pantyhose, and thong, tugging them from my hips, I wigged allowing them to free there position, and lay on the floor beneath me. Now naked, she pulled me to the very large bed, in the middle of the room. Mirrors every where I looked leaving no angle hidden. She pulled her dress , and in one move she stood before me nude, and majestic. I stared at her firm body in awe, and lust. Wanting her, and need her. I felt the heat radiating from between my legs, and as if she read my mind, she knelt spreading my thighs, and making her way up towards my soaking pussy. I felt her tongue first, then her lips. Sucking, and licking me in such tender and passionate ways I had never known.....

to be continued....

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