Super Bowl Sunday  

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2/5/2006 10:21 pm

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3/17/2006 7:08 am

Super Bowl Sunday

Amazingly, my HD receiver worked without a hitch. Every time I have tried to watch something imporant the thing has crapped out. The game was pretty good. I hate football, but it was still exciting. Lots of big plays.

The commericals were not very impressive at all. I laughed at MAYBE 2 of them. I liked the Bud commercial with the baby Clydesdale, and I smirked a little at the Career Builder commercial with the monkeys and jackasses. The rest, forgettable. And forgotten.

Tomorrow I ship out for California again. This will be a tougher week. Lots of work, lots of drinking. Lots of drinking at work.

I did make some new connections this weekend. Met a nice woman in person for lunch, and got a couple new emails that look promising. Not on this site of course! I guess with Valentine's just around the corner there will be women coming out of the woodwork. I would say something about how silly that is, but hell, it always works out in my favor, so, keep it up, Hallmark!

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