SPAM SPAM SPAM. I'll have 'is spam!  

AdventureBeckons 44M
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2/2/2006 9:05 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

SPAM SPAM SPAM. I'll have 'is spam!

So, I have gotten a total of 4 emails on this site (so popular, it must be my rapier wit) and of those 4, 2 of them were rather obvious spam trying to sell me something or scam me. WTF?

Happy Groundhog day. I saw my shadow, so I assume he did, too. Great movie, by the way. Bill Murray is hit or miss, but that one works for me.

I think I might be about done with Cincinnati. A pity, since this is actually one of the nicer places to stay. Nothing to do here, but there is plenty of choice in restaurants nearby, a decent gym in the hotel, and nice sheets on the beds. Never underestimate the value of soft sheets. The place in NJ has pretty, white sandpaper for sheets.

People planning to have parties for the Super Bowl? I will have to fiddle with my HD receiver when I get home to see if I can get it working. The one attached to my projector goes gimpy, but I think it is because the cables are 50 feet long and the box doesn't have the juice to push HD bandwidth that far. I don't really care but my best friend is a psycho football fan and would kill me if he had to watch on the smaller screen. I just wanna watch the commercials.

fiery_one06 36F

2/3/2006 7:20 pm

This site is full of spamers and chicks with fake profiles. As long as your smart enough ~which you are~ to stay away from them you'll be set.

Nice sheets huh? Finally someone who understands how great it is to sleep on a good set of sheets. At the moment I am sleeping in a full size bed and the sheets suck. Once I'm able to buy a new bed I'm getting nice 600tc sheets and never looking back.

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