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After the majority of the guests left the monthly BDSM party, I found myself lingering around anxious to speak to those I had discussions with earlier in the week. I was nervous yet oddly intrigued. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing loitering behind and battled with thoughts if I should leave with the other departing guests. Despite my angst, I remained seated in the living room; which now contained about ten. My selected seat was in the corner of the room, and the only familiar couple to me excused themselves to the kitchen. Their departure caused me to switch my viewpoint from the last of the departing guests to “them” talking to the host of the party.

I nervously shifted in my seat as all three gestured towards me.

My concentration on the trio was interrupted when a woman wearing nothing but a black/purplish satin teddy, garter belt, and fish net stockings centered the room. She positioned herself in the middle of the floor blocking my view of the conversation of which I seemed to be of topic. She bent over and spread her legs wide open boldly exposing herself. Soon her master entered the room, and she was commanded to the floor to get on all fours. She then was ordered to bark like a dog. I felt embarrassed for her, yet she had such a sweet smile on her face as she groveled and barked for her man.

“Arrff, Arfff!” He patted her on the head, as she panted.

“My good girl is about to become naughty for the group.” He looked around at us all, focusing for a moment on me.

With a devious grin her master ordered her to take his beer bottle and entertain it as if it was his cock. Very coyly she looked up at him and accepted the bottle very willingly. Her tongue stretched along the length of the beverage container. Her mouth swallowing and sucking the beer bottle caused her hips to writhe aching and begging to touch herself. Sexual energy rapidly grew within the room as she appeared very eager to please him any way he so desired.

Her master then demanded her to insert the beer bottle into her wet pussy, big end first. I cringed. Shuddering an empathic cry as I watched her do this. She seemed completely oblivious that she was surrounded by a crowd. She got after that bottle as if it was him, his cock, and all the while I watched in wild amazement. As I found my body reacting to the performance, a Dominant male approached me and asked me if I liked. Part of me nodded in bewilderment, the other part just stared at her body fucking this bottle. How can you answer a question like that?

“Do you think it crazy that this woman is fucking a beer bottle in front of a room full of people?’ questioned a man towering over my seat.

I answered nervously, "It isn't for me to judge..." Many of the men in the room laughed out loud with my timid response.

“What would you say if I told you that you are next?”

“What if I ordered you to stand in the middle of the room?”

“Would you do it?”

I tentatively looked at him, at the others, and then the woman on the floor with her face glowing so radiantly. I found I envied her. I wanted the attention she commanded from the room.

I answered him in a throaty response, “I suppose there’s only one way to find out…”

The two men looked at each other. One nodded. They both then looked again at me, and one said, “Let’s find out then!”

“Stand up!” One of the men barked at me. I looked at him strangely.

“Move to the center of the fucking room and take off your clothes!” They both ordered.

The room filled with shouts of encouragement, as I struggled with the order. Debating on whether to strip, I then recalled the look of pleasure that washed across that woman’s face while she was in this circle. I wanted to feel this admiration. Their admiration. So I then proceeded to undress. My hands shook nervously, legs trembling with fear combined with desire. Chants to “take it off” now loud, my heartbeat thunderous I couldn't hear myself think. After my fingers fumbled long enough I found that I had removed all my clothing. And just like that, the room's attention shifted from the sexy woman on the floor to now: naked me.

All eyes were on my exposed body. I felt so vulnerable, so exposed, so natural, so thrilled, so aroused in front of all these strangers. After I stripped, I was lowered to the floor by a man with a wicked grin. I immediately shielded my eyes as I felt certain I would be made to do what the woman before me had.

I was surprised by the next activity. My thoughts felt that they were going to make me do what the other woman had, just to “prove” something to me, but that didn’t happen. Instead, the submissive woman was ordered to play with my pussy until I got moist. She inserted one finger, then two - and then three - finally she inserted her whole fist. She fucked me with her fist - and it felt wild as my hips bucked against the rhythm of her thrusts. She grabbed my hair and pulled me to her kissing me passionately. Under her spell, my inhibitions lowered, I no longer cared that I was in the middle of this floor in a foreign room full of strangers being fist fucked.

A few minutes after her fist entered me; it was removed replaced by a beer bottle - big end first. The bottle still cold from the containers’ liquid made my inner muscles clamp around the bottle and shudder under the coolness.

The master yelled at me to fuck the bottle. “Fuck it like it’s a man-cock”....”Faster!” …..”Now slower!”… “Move your hips! I grew exhausted with my nervous activity, and wanted to rest, yet the master demanded I use two hands to thrust the bottle in and out of my cunt.

It felt so foreign, so forbidden, yet so frickin' hot.

My bodies’ heat palatable around the room, the men ordered several of the other women to sit on the floor. They circled my body; and watched me play with myself with the beer bottle. The feminine eyes watched me, encouraged me, and then one kissed me causing my body to ache for her soft hands to caress my breasts. I felt an incredible build-up inside my body that cried to be released, as I started to orgasm. Just as a cry of passion was to escape a pitcher of ice water was thrown on me.

Rather than it diminishing my orgasm, it just made me cum harder. The ice water felt so luxurious on my hot body, my pussy throbbed and pulsated under the liquid bath. I laid there for a moment with inactivity to “soak” it all in, and as the passion began to subside I was ordered to keep the beer bottle in my pussy.

My next instructions were odd. I was to crawl over to the other woman and mount her.

In a very stern voice, I was told to thrust the beer bottle in her pussy as if it was a strap-on.

“Fuck her like a man.”

She cried out as if in pain when I entered her; yet, I was instructed to keep pumping. Her master ordered her not to orgasm, and I was instructed to make her orgasm. The two of us seemed to work against each other, both of us driven by different erotic agendas.

I will always remember how she tossed her hair back and the lazy movement it made as it draped along her shoulder as she whispered how “hot” I made her feel and that it was okay to pump harder.

After much effort on both our parts, one of the men pulled me away and inserted his finger in her wet pussy. Then grabbed me by my long hair and made me suckle her juice off his finger. He wrapped his hand around my hair and pushed my face into her crotch.

“Lick her pussy!”

As my lips touched her pussy for the first time, I soon felt her hips grind against my face. Her master lowered himself down to our level, talking to me as I licked her. He seemed entertained that I was obeying his instructions to lick her pussy. My tongue followed his directions as it swirled and twirled around her clit.

“Tammy, you are not to cum!” The master reminds his slave as I entertained her pussy.

Yet despite her instructions, I could feel juice ooze out of her. My chin grew wet as she pushed me away from her canyon in order to obey her master’s order. I heard her say, “I am not cumming, Sir!” He then taunted me by demanding that I make her cum. I worked hard, as I wanted the master’s permission for her to taste me….to fuck me….to cum….. My thoughts of her licking me caused another orgasm to mount as I wanted her tongue to flick across my clit.

One of the men recognized that I was about to cum and clamped his hand over my mouth and nose. He held it there for a moment, and ordered me to look deep into his blue eyes. As I started to struggle for air, he smiled. Panic grew within me intermixed with desire to release. Then like an orchestra director, he instructed me to "CUM" lifting his hand off my mouth in a grandiose wave. And cum I did! Rivers of juice flowed from within me...

The room's mood altered significantly after that. Previously it was loud, yet after the breath play and my reaction to such ‒ you could have heard a pin drop. It added to my anxiety. I wasn’t sure what was to happen next. I believe it was at this time the most dominant of the three: the Master then took me aside.

I was instructed to sit in front of him, naked/exposed. While I feared him the most, he talked to me in a very low voice so others could not hear our conversation. He implied over time he would eventually mark me as his property. He shared with me his desire to fiercely pump his large cock in my ass along with his need to introduce my nipple to the sensation of needles! One of among many suggested painful activities…

“You strike me as a woman that will become to know pain as your lover.” I shuddered in fear by this man words.

Yet, as I trembled in front of him exposed, raw and vulnerable he demonstrated a gentle side with a touch to my cheek joined by softening his intense penetrating stares. The contradiction he displayed created arousal within me.

I felt his power. My power.

Suddenly, I understood the need for each other. His Dominance needed my submission. Oh how I desired to kiss him. I flashed him a smile, trying to show him I understood and in response he placed my hand on his bulging hardness; my body aching for him to be inside me. As his passion grew, he pushed me away calling me dirty names.

“You are a temptress, yet I dismiss you back to the others.” This snap in our conversation, His dismissal made me feel like a dog. I felt like I had been whipped. Beaten. Rejected. Sheepishly, I wandered back to the group of very loving women. They explained to me how pleased the Dominants were that I did not buckle under the humiliation while I expressed my insecurities…fears…my shortcomings in performance for them. The women caressed me and talked to me lovingly admiring my abilities. I shook with denial, struggling with their words feeling so inadequate.

One of the women kissed me tenderly, as she stroked my hair and commented on my tolerance for ice water. Her master then heard me acknowledge that I enjoyed the sensation of the frozen water, and as the words escaped my lips…I knew!

“You want ice eh? I’ll give you ice.!” He boasted as he shoved a clump of it into my swollen canyon. My inner warmth began melting the ice, and made a puddle on the floor. It was such an explosive feeling, I wanted it again. I begged for it. I need it. Again another chunk of ice this time bigger was presented to me and I was asked to fuck it as if it was a cock. I slowly started to slide the “ice cock” into my tight wet pussy.

The ice made me very tight, my inner muscles washed of their natural juices so I had to go very slow. Gently, inch by inch I worked the ice dildo into my tight cunt. I felt myself contract around it. It felt so good! I looked down and saw that I only had about another inch to go, so I pushed it in hard. The force made me really wet, and I orgasmed again. Everyone in the room could hear the juices gush out of me.

I wasn’t done. I wanted more. My hand followed the ice, as I pumped my fist in and out of my pussy. I alternated between hard, fast thrusts……then slowed down to soft, slow strokes.

Harder…harder….harder….faster….faster! It felt so good…so sensational!

As passion built within I knew I was getting close, so very close to my end, titillating shock waves began to jolt through my body. An intense orgasm eminent, I slowed down the pace teasing myself. My clit throbbed, my pussy contracted, grasping on to the last of the ice. All I could hear now in the room was my breathing, and the squishing, sloshing sound of the remaining ice and my fist being pumped in and out of my dripping wet pussy. I was so close to losing control. I pushed my hand in and out as hard and as fast as I could.

The master returned. “I don’t think you are showing us you are worthy of Man cock.”

“You’ll have to work a lot hard than you have to prove that one of us men will fill your cunt with cock.”

Angered yet challenged by his words, I found myself wanting to prove him wrong. Again I touched myself with short shallow strokes, and then I switched it to long deep ones…..oh how I loved the deep ones. While I listened to his taunts, I continued to pump it in and out…in and out… knowing all eyes in the room were on me as I rubbed my clit.

"Oh God, oh God . . . here it comes . . . Oh God . . . YES!" I cried out as my body wracked with convulsive shock waves of orgasmic ice-water fusion.

This last orgasm so primal, so incredible, so intense, so utterly mind-fuckin’ altering.

As I felt the spasms subside . . . I sat back and basked in the afterglow of the majestic events of the evening.

Totally spent, glowing in front of 10 strangers.

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7/10/2006 3:04 pm

Wow that was some adventure you had!

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7/18/2006 8:04 am

So, dinner and a movie are probably out of the question?

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