The further away, the better the sex.  

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1/16/2006 4:24 am

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The further away, the better the sex.

It's 05H30 and we are on our way to the airport for our trip to Mauritius. Upon us landing the custom guys make you feel like a criminal with the way they ask a few questions. I was walking with an indian girl and we were laughing and joking and I suppose that this might have been what have set them off to have a chat with us.

After we got to the hotel/resort, cold beers were the first thing that we hunted for. The nights were very long and I think that we could have bought a serious amount of shares in the brewery. We were all having a ball and we enjoyed ourselves, untill one night we decided to swim in the sea, but had to do it in our jocks. That started drawing female attention and soon after that was alomost a ritual. At 01H00 we would hit the sea in our jocks. Some woman started loosing their clothes and joined in.

And so the last night came and we all got very friendly. I lended my beach shirt to a woman who swam in her undies and somehow lost her clothes. Afterward we went to one of the downstairs rooms where we all had more drinks and told jokes. She sat on my lap and I decided to make a move. My hand slowly but surely brushed up against her breast. Eventually I got her attention where I wanted it. When the last person with us went to the bathroom I slipped my hand under her towel and felt her bush. she groaned and the other woman came back. She saw what i did, but said nothing.

We went up to my room and she got into my bed whilst I made a pit stop in the bathroom. The moment I got into the bed, her hands and mouth was all over me. My hand explored her body and my lips followed. Her nipples were hard and I softly licked and sucked them. As I worked my way down I could hear her groans in the dark. My tongue slipped into her wet twat and I licked her clip softly and had my hands on her breasts, caressing her nipples. Her legs opened and she lifted her bum and I obliged and softly licked her little tight backdoor. It was wet from her juice running down. I could not control myself and went back up, took her hand and placed it on my hard cock. She went witld with it and I enjoyed it. she then guided it down whilst we were kissing and she started pushing it into her. This girl is a virgin I thought until I placed my hand on her clit and realised that I was indeed busy scrwewing her tight back door. She loved it and I loved it. from time to time I would pull it out and push my shaft into her wet twat, but soon after I would put it back in her ass.
She got on top of me and she rode me hard. This continued for a good two hours of me working my hard cock in and out of her while she groaned and begged me to fuck her hard. We pounded so hard that I thought we were going to fall off the bed.
And then the excitement got too much and she broke into a climax, squirting on the sheets that I thought that she had wet the bed, by loosing bladder control, which was not the case as it had a almost sweet scent.

I slept well on my flight back home.

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