Oh what a night!  

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3/9/2006 9:50 pm
Oh what a night!

I thought I'd share an experience I had one night.

It's just after 9pm and I have finished my shift. Turning left onto the next highway is not an option tonight. I have the day off tomorrow and would rather make a pitstop at a pub not too far from work. Pulling into the parking I see an old school friend of mine. I park my car and we have a conversation of about 30 minutes before two girls come to drag him and his friend away.
I make my way to the pub. At the door I notice a woman with long black hair and she smiles at me and I greet her as I walk past her to go and get a beer. I think to myself that the people around here sure are friendly.

The night goes on with loud music, some dancing and another 2 beers. On the danc floor two woman are dancing closer and closer to me. I give some attention and our bodies make brief contact as one woman takes a step back. contact becomes more and at this point I see the friendly lady from earlier at the door come out of the bathroom. She stands right in front of me. We start dancing and she slowly but surely starts rubbing herself against me. I play along. She pulls my t-shirt up and her hands start to move over my chest and stomach. Eventually Her one hand makes it into my pants and she takes my hardness in her hand. She kisses my neck while she slowly strokes me.
The pub is about to close, it's already 2am. We walk outside and she invites me over to her place. I get into my car and I follow her. We get to her place and she takes me to her bedroom where I sit down while she makes coffee. As Murphy wants it, my nose starts bleeding and I decide to lie back while I wait for her.

So walks into the bedroom and places the coffee on the dresser and she immediately starts kissing me. She pushes me back onto the bed while she takes my shirt off. Next my pants end up on the floor. Her mouth feels so good. Damn this girl knows what she's doing. I roll her over and take her dress off. Her undies follow shortly after. I return the favour by starting to softly and gently suck on her erect nipples. My tongue slowly circles around them and I suck the whole nipple into my mouth from time to time.

Making my way down I can hear her moan as my tongue starts to caress her, now already, swolen clit. She gets up and push me down on the bed. She climbs on top of me and her hand guides my hardness into her. Oh it feels good. she starts having her way with me and I enjoy every second of it. We roll over and I start to build the tempo in her and she starts groaning and moaning and shortly after she starts screaming as her orgasm draws closer. Her nails claw into my hard shoulders and she leaves marks all the way to my elbows. Her orgasm opproaches and she goes wild. Her nails once again claw into me, but this time into my back, shortly after into my ass to make me go faster and harder. Damn, she's having another orgasm and she claws me once again. I love it and keep on going.

We do it in various styles on her bed and time draws nearer for my orgasm to flow, while the sun starts to push it's head out. My love juice shoots out and lands on my stomach as she moves in to lie next to me with her head on my chest. She gently rubs my stomach and spreads my love juice. We have been going at it for over 3 hours.

She is visiting her mom that morning and I really need to sleep, I have been up for 24 hours now. A gentle yet passionate kiss as we depart.

Oh what a night!

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