Hotlists - To Ask Or Not To Ask  

Abatides 44M
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11/18/2005 11:32 am

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Hotlists - To Ask Or Not To Ask

Hello everyone.

Apologies that this has only been my second posting...I really did mean to do it more often than that as the actress said to the bishop.

I have an interesting week to say the least - but still haven't met anyone from off the site yet. Perhaps those reading might want to take the plunge and send me a message?

So yesterday I was at Erotica in London but I'll post some remarks about that later....just something has really irked me today on the site and I thought I'd discover whether it was me or her who was the problem?

So guys, you know how it see a cutie, you add her to your hotlist, so that you can send her a message later in the forlorn hope that she'll meet you.

And then today, when you see you've got a message from her, your heart skips a beat and you think 'great'. She's writing to me even before I sent her an email.....we must be attracted to each other.

Except that the message says 'please' remove me.

Oh dear.

So you read the message.

'Please remove me from your hotlist. You did not have the decency to ask whether I would like to be on your list or made no previous contact with me. You are neither what I'm looking for or the right age range'.....or words to that affect.

So I write back and inform her that actually, I do not need to invite her to be on my list as it is up to me, not her. and quote the webpage where it explains what the hotlist is about from AdultFriendFinder.

She then replies telling me that manners are everything and that she is now putting me on the blocked list.

Now that's the first person I've ever had trouble with when its come to the hotlist - though many of those on there have never replied to my emails - but should you ask permission first before adding someone to it?

My gut insinct is not and that this is just some PMT gal who doesn't understand dating websites, but am I alone in thinking this...should I ask first?

Secondly - does anyone else know that she has blocked me? Am I going to have a black mark against my name just because someone had a bitch at me for doing absolutely nothing wrong (IMO obviously).

Just wondering what everyone else thinks....will get back to Erotica over the weekend.

Take care

rm_romeovoid40 63M

11/18/2005 11:55 am

Hmmm... I tend to stay away from the Hotlist for that reason. I will, on rare occasion, invite someone to join my network but only after exchanging some pleasantries on the blogsite. The hotlist? I'm afraid that it's a bit like the hackneyed reference to Gump's box of chocolates...

rm_ChivasRegal 58M
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11/18/2005 12:29 pm

I add people to my hotlist all the time, mostly because I usually don't have the time to write at that moment. Plus its easier to find them later. If she put you on her block list..O well, nothing lost, just move on and forget bout her..Its only between you and her.

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