Mind Games as Stupidity Compensation  

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6/10/2006 3:32 pm

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Mind Games as Stupidity Compensation

Probably one of the most common pyschological criteria requested on AdultFriendFinder is a "no mind games" clause. A fair request, really--who likes playing mind games? Although I'm certain there are the sociopathic types who just find pleasure in tormenting others, most of us don't find mind games very agreeable.

Certainly the most common psychological criteria for a partner on this site is intelligence. Most members have devoted some mention of this, and if not, probably are just relying on their own personal filters when contacted (such as spelng an gramr gud).

But certainly there ARE those who play the mind games, I think whether they know it or not. In my experience (not on this site mind you), those most apt to play mind games are generally have a somewhat skewed view of themselves as being intelligent. Hey who isn't? I don't see people on here saying, "I'm a stupid white male--looking for same...but uhhh...female of course." So what does this mean?

In my opinion, I've always found those who play mind games are compensating for their own stupidity. Unable to cope with the situation intelligently, they resort to methods that may allow for them to gain some footing, usually with the view of gaining the upper hand. It's more defensive than anything. I guess what I'm saying is that, although I personally try to strive for intelligence, rather than feel that I am in fact arrived there, I may be one of those stupids myself and not even realize it. But then, it stands to reason, so may you!

To offset this possibility, I believe humility in the face of reason is best. As is humility in the face of intelligence. Or am I just playing a game here too?

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