Swinging is not for Pussies  

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7/23/2005 4:00 pm

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Swinging is not for Pussies

I am in my limo, waiting for the next client.
I have alot of time on my hands.

What is with AdultFriendFinder members who talk the talk and arrange a meeting and then, not show up?
If you don't know yourself nor your partner by now, say something like, sorry, we aren't ready yet.
If you are trying tell your partner he/she sucks badly in bed, please don't use another couple to demonstrate your frustration (go to therapy).

If you want out of a marriage, don't use sex with another person during sex with others as a method to get out; this hurts everyone. And is fucking dishonest.

Swinging is not for pussies, ok.

What is with the confusion about sex with others?
Some couples have this expectation their partner isn't really into it but you are.
You suddenly notice he/she is having this incredible orgasm and making yummy sounds you have never heard before.
Sex is fun, even for your partner, the one who was reluctant.
Let go of your jealousy and control and possessiveness and enjoy.
If you have any of these feelings, don't have sex with others.
Swinging is not for you, trust me.

I hate the word "swinging". Sounds like I am 5 years old and I am being told to play on a swing.

Alternative lifestyle is about as descriptive alternative rock; what the hell is that?
Ok; Dion is not alternative rock. Is Green Day alternative rock? I don't think so.
How about Fucking with Friends? Straight, to the point and no confusion.

Does anyone ask a nun if she into the lifestlye of Jesus and cloisters?
Her life is completely devoted to Jesus and the Pope and you would think nuns have a certain lifestyle, much more than me.
I think Fucking with Friends says it all for me, not I am into the lifestyle. Get it?

If we meet a couple who happen to be on AdultFriendFinder, you really think they want to be known as swingers?
Democrats are called democrats because of their party affiliation. I am not a swinger because I enjoy having sex with others and I am not a member of a swinger organization.
I love sex and I enjoy sex with others; maybe I my lifestyle is SWO (Sex with Others).
Like DWF (divorced white female) or GWM (gay white male); I am now SWO!
SWO seeks another SWO for friendship and yes, sex!
What a concept!

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