18 Million AFF Fuckers and Counting  

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8/8/2005 6:13 pm

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18 Million AFF Fuckers and Counting

The numbers don't lie: 18 million members on AdultFriendFinder.
Alot of fuckers, I think.
Iraq has 24 million people in the entire country.
I wonder how many of them are fucking regularly, what with the bombing, the insurgents, the war on terror on their land (better to have this war on terror on their land than ours, so says the radical right), the recuiting going on between insurgents and the Iraqi army.

I wonder how many Iraqis are webcamming right now, looking at naked men stroking and naked women showing boobies, with shells going off and sirens blazing and windows shattering around them.

Alof of fuckers on AdultFriendFinder, that is for sure.
I wonder how many AdultFriendFinder members are getting any right now?

I poured through AdultFriendFinder webcam members the other night. Shapes and sizes few of us get to see, let alone really want to see naked.
So many women showing off tits; what is that all about? Sure, they are free and they don't ask for money in return and a few look pretty damn good shape. Most look like someone's grandmother's breasts, but how can complain?
I get to peep for free.
Of course, women's breasts are an American obsession; men got to see them and women have got to compare themselves to other breasts, 24/7.
Breasts aren't even sexual genitals, but who cares?
They are tits and we men want to see them, suck them and play with them, maybe even spray our seed on them.
They are tits and tits get men aroused in the most curious ways.
I was in Reno and the women who serve the free drinks are in these tight fitted little black velour dresses with a very low scoop neckline.
Tits are about to pour out of these women's dresses and we men oogle and gawk, as if we have never have seen tits before.
Hooters is a restaurant promoting tit watching.
Tits are everywhere but we men somehow can't get enough tits.
Neither can women. They pour into dresses and into blouses, shoving those monsters into tight little spaces.
Women show off the oddest tits on AdultFriendFinder.
Some look like the air has gone out and others look like they are sliding down a hill.
Some look like big, bulging beach balls.
Some look like they are off limits to human hands; what the hell is that, anyway?, I am asking myself.
None of these look like tits, of course.
I mean, real tits, the ones I want to suck on and play with have character and pizzaz. They have shape; they have personality; they want to be touched. They are attached to women who like themselves enough to make sure they are perky and cheerful looking.

I love tits. I love all kinds of tits. I love the little ones that look like perky playthings, the ones with hard nipples and tight skin.
I love big round tits, too. Smooth, full and large tits with full large nipples are such a turn on for me. They look good enough to eat.
Others are champions. The 38c tits. The Olympic gold medal of tits. Not the Pamela Anderson tits.
I mean, more like Susan Sarandon tits.
Meg Ryan tits are good enough to nibble on, but Jessica Lange's is to die for.
Tits are fun to suck on, nibble with, and rest on.
They are fun to fuck between, too.
Tits are wonderful for grabbing too, when you are fucking and you want to hold onto to something to lift yourself and slam away.
What turns me on the most is sucking a nipple.
I love sucking large firm nipples.
Some women crave to have their nipples sucked on; others cringe. The cringers make me ill and I am out of their in a flash.
My ex was neither a craver nor a cringer; she had non-responsive nipples. They just stuck out and no matter how much I sucked, she would turn her head and wait me out, as if I was sucking on a beach ball and she was waiting for me to get back into the game of fucking.
She had nice firm, small breasts. She was a good fuck. Not adventurous nor erotic but not boring, either. Alot like most wives, I guess.
I do think we should have a fuck test before anyone gets married. If the fuck doesn't rate a 8 out of 10 or better, anyone in a relationship gets to bail, without consequences or emotional blaming.
Fuck Scale:
0 to 5: they are probably between 10 and 17 and you should be arrested.
6-7: these are probably wives or cuckhold husbands
8-9: these are probably our mistresses, our lovers and a few whores get an 8, too.
10: this is Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon.

Tits and fucking are as important to a marriage as chemistry and common moral values.
And wife swapping is a good thing, I think.
We get to try out a pussy we wouldn't get to have unless we were having an affair.
And wives get to suck alot of cock without going around the husband's dick, so to speak.

Too bad the women and men in Iraq don't get think about these things as much as I do.
They are in a war zone, afterall.

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