Fun in Orlando  

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2/20/2005 6:06 pm

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Fun in Orlando

February 20, 2005
Whoever said "all work and no play....." definitly knew what he was talking about. I had to go out of town on Business this weekend to Orlando, and since the Daytona 500 was going on, the plane prices were through the freakin roof. So me and a fwe of my boys drove down there. Now usually when I go on business, I fly down, do my thing and leave. But after having a drive 7 hours, I was goin out. So we rolled down to Downtown Orlando. The culbs down there are jumpin and the women are sexy as hell. And being that it was a lovely 70 something degrees, the skin was definitly showing.

In the first bar I went to, I met this freaky chick. We were all on each other on the dancefloor. Here ass was so nice and firm and she had it all over my dick. Now naturally I was hard as a rock ad she could tell. At one point, she even reached back and repositioned it so, when she rubbed her ass up on me, my cock was right on her pussy. She was moaning like crazy and when she started gringing my dick not to the beat of the music, I knew that she was cumming right there on the dance floor. I think a few other guys noticed too. They were sneaking handfulls of tits and ass all night. she loved it too. And after looking down at my pants I realized she didn't wear and panties under her skirt cause I had a nice lil cum spot on my jeans. Luckily I had a long skirt on.

After she was spent from getting off, she said she wanted to go to a better club down the street. She was leading the way since I had no idea where I was going. Part of this one street was real dark due to some building construction. Right when we passed it, she dragged me over to a little sucluded place (i think it was the construction site office or something). Emediately she dropped to her knees and said "God, I can't wait another second, I have to see this cock." She started sucking my cock like no one ever did before. Plus just the thrill of getting caught made it ever better. After about 10 minutes of that I p[icked her up and pushed her against the wall. Her pussy was so wet and my cock slid right in. She started moaning right away and the sound echoed off of every little piece of concrete and metal machinery there. So I took off my shirt and stuffed it in her mouth, but I couldn't stop the sound of her juicy pussy slapping against my thights. it was about 20-30 minutes of just straight ramrod, pounding fucking.

We finally did make it to the other club. My boys were there waiting for me. Me and the chick danced a little bit more, and both cought ourselves checking out other people on the dance floor. So we started dancing with them. At the end of the song I turned around to find her and of course she was gone. I never even got her name.

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