Master/slave Life Contract  

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Master/slave Life Contract

Master/slave Life Contract

slave/sub and Master/Dom/Domme agree to enter into this contract wherein slave/sub will be slave to Master/Dom/Domme forever, or until slave/sub is released. Release may be initiated by either Master/Dom/Domme or slave/sub. There will be a three month waiting period between request for release and actual release, during which time reconciliation is possible. This is not, nor is it intended to be, a legally binding contract. The strongest bonds are those around the heart.

Master/Dom/Domme and slave/sub accept and agree to always adhere to the following provisions:

I. Master/Dom/Domme and slave/sub's primary relationship is that of Significant Others. This contract and relationship as Master/slave is secondary to their primary relationship as Significant Others. The primary relationship includes, but is not limited to the following: cooperative child-rearing, loving and caring for each other and their children, learning about each other and growing together, respecting each others opinions and the right to have them (even if not agreeing with them) and respecting each others beliefs and values.

II. slave/sub is the property of Master. slave/sub gives their body to Master/Dom/Domme to be used as Master/Dom/Domme chooses, knowing that the body will be flogged, cropped, spanked, waxed and otherwise subjected to pain and pleasure at Master/Dom/Domme' discretion.

III. slave/sub must always love, respect and obey Master/Dom/Domme to the best of their ability. Master/Dom/Domme must always love, respect and strengthen slave/sub in their submission to the best of his ability.

IV. slave/sub may only disobey Master/Dom/Domme by saying the safeword loud enough for Master/Dom/Domme to hear. Safeword is "Red".

V. Limits, especially on public play, are to be negotiated and decided upon outside of scene, and any pushing or discarding of limits must be agreed upon by both Master/Dom/Domme and slave/sub prior to any scene involving such limits. These negotiations are to be conducted as equals, not as Master/slave.

VI. slave/sub will address Master/Dom/Domme as Master or Sir, unless children and/or mundanes are present or unless told by Master/Dom/Domme she may call him otherwise. slave/sub will always answer to Master/Dom/Domme or his designee as slave, littleone and/or slave/sub.

VII. Whether in Real Life or on the net, slave/sub will not serve or play with another person without Master/Dom/Domme' permission. slave/sub must also obtain Master/Dom/Domme' permission to meet with any net person in Real Life.

VIII. If slave/sub feels she is being unjustly treated, they must tell Master/Dom/Domme immediately. Master/Dom/Domme must listen to any complaints regarding the treatment slave/sub receives, and will take them into account and act accordingly. slave/sub will not be punished for bringing perceived injustices to Master/Dom/Domme's attention.

IX. slave/sub and Master/Dom/Domme must always be completely honest with each other.

X. Master/Dom/Domme will protect slave/sub from harm, in both Real Life and Virtual Life, to the best of his abilities.

It is with the signatures below, and slave/sub's acceptance of Master/Dom/Domme's collar that Master/Dom/Domme and slave/sub enter willingly into this contract.

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