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2/12/2006 6:36 am

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FELLAS, NEVER FORGET THAT YOU WERE NOT THE 1st PERSON THERE!! you' re not prob the 20TH EITHER!!! think safety first!

ladies, have your men pour a lil BLEACH 2X weekly in his bath- it cleanse out ALL THOSE PORES..totally immerse yourself.


KEEP PURELL/BACTINE when swinging, it kills 99.99% of all bacteria.

RUB NEOSPORENE around your sexual organ 1hour before you play to create an immune barrier(sp).

TAKE 4 capsules of ECHINACEA/GOLDESEAL PRIOR if you think you are gonna get some. You are interacting with an unfamiliar BIOSYSTEM. turbo charge your immune system...

Ladies told me to add this: When you wash yo ass....CLEAN IT ALL...GO PAST THE BALLS!!! Wash around your anus too. Where do you think gravity has all that sweat and man juice ending up?? PLus You may just get your salad tossed as a form of appreciation(smile).

Fill an eye droplet with 3%Peroxide and squirt it down your penile shaft once a month. That's right, Stick it in there! Think of it as a male douche. No bubbles, no problems, mon.

Change condoms 3X per sex session. ALSO CHANGEM UP BEFORE YOU INSERT ANOTHER WOMAN/3some! that is so gross not to...

(can you tell i'm a germaphobe/? oh well)

Put on body spray. Yeah, you know, that sandalwood, jasmine, and cinnamon stuff. Lightly spray around yourself and your private. It blends well with your natural ph levels. I always get complimented. That AXE stuff being pushed in the stores smell basically only like soap- that is what women tell me. I bought 4 of em to try it out. They were on sale. Still sitting on 3 cans.....

FELLAS if it don't smell right, DON"T FUCK it- DON"T EAT IT. You'll be sorry if you do. If Yeast or white discharge is on the condom when you pull back, Stop sexing.tell her to fix that ASAP, but be nice about it.

NO ANAL SEX w/o a CONDOM..nuff said.

Eros makes for the best lube. Its expensive, but cop that anyways....

SCOPE- after you eat her out- spit some 'in there' if you can prior

KEEP YOUR STD TEST CURRENT! hell go together with your partner. My last test was 09/05 NEGATIVE baby. I go again in March.

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