Just getting started  

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1/14/2006 11:41 pm

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Just getting started

So here we are, we have been together now for over a year. It has been fun and we share many interests, especially in the sex department! We are both sexual deviants. We have talked about threesomes of all sorts of varieties. Nothing has happened yet. The curiosity is there but so is the first time fear that we share as a couple. Will we like it? Will our relationship change? Our minds and bodies enjoy the thrill of it all but our hearts are more important and losing each other as a result is not an option. So we have agreed to start off slow. First with a woman and only the girls have the physical sex. If everyone is comfortable then we move to the next step and his involvement is increased. It seems logical, to us, however finding someone willing to experiment with us and go at our pace has proved difficult. We play with toys and have "fantasy threesomes" often, lol! It is hard as well to establish a certain "get to know you" dialog with women on this site. We think that it is because for most women this site is like a candy shop as the men out number the women ten to one! It's hard to show all the bells and whistles in a e-mail and keeping your privacy intact for safety and professional reasons! You have to worry a little about someone who is willing to fuck right from the start as well, even using protection, that is a serious risk. Will we be successful in our adventure...I think so. We have given this a lot of thought and we believe that someone will come along who is what we have fantasized about for so long!

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1/15/2006 3:40 am

just "felt" by accident on this ...
just to tell you that i really liked the way you are and i understand very well as we (my girlfriend & me) are facing the same situation
Good luck

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