Drowning in sunlight  

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10/15/2005 3:44 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Drowning in sunlight

I know it sounds repetetive but I'm at the Tea Garden... However, this time I'm at the St. Paul location. The important thing is that I've been flooded with more poetry, fueled by the sunshine that flows throught the thatch fence. Here we go again............

Flowing, explaining, feeling, a bee flies by. The fountain flows, drips, ripples, bubbles, churns, circulates, evaporates, splashes, reflects.

Feet sore, head swimming, nose smelling. olefactories convert smells into electric impulses. The life forct down endless highways to and from the central computer and all of its' clients, employees, and suppliers.

Tea pours into cup. Cream follows, a milky white, fluidic gush that diffuses promtly in a cloudlike manner. The cup rises, kisses my lips, leans and lets go of its' load. The silky mixture tramples across the buds of taste. They in turn manipulate the life force. It speaks to me, it taunts me with clues to what I taste. I bury my mind so deeply into these thoughts that I'm stricken dead upon recognition of my empty tea pot.........

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