Day # whatever: I've stopped counting.  

AGNJoe1 48M
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8/25/2006 6:30 am
Day # whatever: I've stopped counting.

Well, I'm back yet again. Still nothing much has changed. My friend sideline1968 has left the site because things weren't working here for her either. I don't blame her, the site stinks.

Ive pretty much been concentrating on my my space page, however, I had a disaster happen with my profile so I had to rebuild a new one. In case you're looking for me, I'm at 3 w's myspace cum front slash thingie helpaguynamedjoe, so if you're looking for me, that's where I'll be.

Well, nothing new means nothing new. I've been keeping myself occupied with gardening outside and playing with my kids. Other than that, it's been quiet.

I've pretty much given up on this site. The only new e-mail I've gotten was from Julie saying she was leaving so I've been thinking I might just log on once a month now just to keep the profile alive to let people know that this site doesn't work. But even that seems like a chore. It took a lot just to come back here and type this.

I'll be fine. I'll keep going. But I think the end of the road is near kiddies. Well, until then, thanks for reading, and god bless.


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