Day 9: I got winked, and a HUGE SCARE yesterday...  

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11/18/2005 7:07 am

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Day 9: I got winked, and a HUGE SCARE yesterday...

YAY! I got winked! YAY!

I sound like that guy on Crank Yankers, "Yay, I got mail! YAY!" Anyway, while it was really cool for chazity20 to send me a couple of winks, and believe me, if I'm ever out that way in Silver City, New Mexico, I will DEFINITELY say hello.
Also, thank you to cuddles for viewing my profile as well, but the sad thing is you're up in Canada honey! Crap! Oh well. But I will say this to chazity and cuddles, thank you! At least I know there are women out there that area real, and you've reaffirmed my faith that if there are real women out there....then there has to be real women within the area here that I can hook up with and meet. So if anything, that was a great way to cheer me up after what happened yesterday.


Geesh! You don't pay attention for one second and you can possibly lose your nuts.

I'm not kidding. As some of you know, I work in a telecom company working as a switch technician in Chicago. Well, yesterday I was working with some steel computer frames yesterday, taking them down a disassembling them from an older office to prepare for that office to be discommisioned as we were moving all telephone and data traffic to our new office. As I was working, a frame got away from me and I wasn't able to move away fast enough and a sharp steel corner caught my jeans near the crotchal region, and it ripped my jeans and tore through my underwear. It was a bit embarrassing, but lucky for me I had a few safety pins at work that we use for poking holes in some plastic to do some plastitch, a technique that we use for burning pieces of plastic together with a hot needle, so we use the saftey pins because they are safer to use than actual sewing needles. first I checked myself and I didn't feel any pain so I just figured it was ripped clothes. WRONG!
So I went back to stitch myself up with the safety pins, to temporarily fix my clothing, and 15 minutes later, my boss went to check on me to see if I was ok, and he freaked out when he checked my clothing. He saw that there was a HUGE six inch red spot on my crotch. At first I thought I was sweating because of the close call, but yep, it was actually blood.

The bad news, the steel frame nicked my scrotum, and it was bleeding very heavily. The GOOD NEWS was that it was only a scratch, and all it did was bleed profusely, similiar as if you might get a cut on the top of your scalp. For some reason cuts on your scalp bleed a HELL of a lot more than anywhere else. Well, I guess I know now that so do cuts on your scrotum sack.

Anyway, my boss freaked out, I freaked out until I was able to calm myself down a bit, clean myself off in the bathroom, and put a bandage on it. Within about 15 minutes the bleeding had stopped and all was right with the world. The moral of the story? Damned if I know. careful when working with steel? Check your groin regardless even if you think there's no damage? Joe's a goofball? I'd go with all of those.

Well, it's just a scratch, things are ok now, and if anything, the boss let me go home early and didn't miss any time as he gave me a full 8 hours for the day which was at least cool of him to do, instead of docking my time. I'm happy that there was no real damage, and so is the wife, and all is right with the world once more. That's it for me. Thanks for reading.


chazity20 39F  
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11/18/2005 3:08 pm

OUCH be more carefull

and as far as your profile goes there is nothing wrong with being married and have extarmarital affairs i do it and nobody says anything to me but of cours my husband know about them

and thanks for the thank you and the billy comment. i would not mind talking to you but as your profile says smokers is a major turn off so i guess that i am out have a good day


AGNJoe1 48M

11/19/2005 2:30 pm

Sweet chazity. I don't mind your smoke, cause you my dear are red hot. I can deal with smoking as long as it isn't too much. It's just chain smokers that get me.
And yes, I promise I will be more careful. The good news is that the scratch has healed nicely and you can barely see it now, so I trust I'll be good for action.

That is...if I can get any action.
But thank you for your concern.

Your friend,


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