Day 72: Felling better and a late New Years resolution...  

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Day 72: Felling better and a late New Years resolution...

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Well, again nothing too much to report. I am feeling much better, and it's amazing what staying on my medication will do for my demeanor. I had to shorten up my depression medication, and make it last until today, spacing out every other day until payday to when I could get some more medication.

Well, I did get paid today, some first thing I got my medication and it makes a difference to be on it regularly. The last two days I was off of it, and boy did I feel the difference.

Also, in talking to Sheeana in my blog below, I didn't realize how much negativity I had posted in my blogs. A lot of complaining, and not too much positive things in which I had focused on while I posted here. So my late New Year's resolution is this...I resolve to get laid so I can be more happy. resolution though is to stay on my medication, and try to focus on the positive instead of the negative. It will be hard, but I think I can continue to work so I can be a more positive person. I think if I can do that, my ability to make things happen will also be more positive as well. Instead of complaining about not getting laid, I'm going to focus on finding a solution to getting laid more in 2006. Instead of complaining about being broke, I'll work to finding a way to help support my family more and find ways to help support my income. Either that or I'll become a bank robber. Just kidding...hehe!

But the main overall goal is to work on myself being positive. I figure if I can do that, I will hopefully effectively change my luck, and help to create my own karma for the better in my life. You see, folks? I'm a fighter, and I do not give up easily on myself. And while I was glad I was able to vent a bit, I think I need to focus on being more positive.

Well, that's it for me. I'm going to watch the snow a bit outside and enjoy life for a bit.

Thanks for reading...

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