Day 69: I haven't 69'd yet, the Bears sucked, And a girlfriend busted by a bird...?  

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Day 69: I haven't 69'd yet, the Bears sucked, And a girlfriend busted by a bird...?

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Well, it's been quiet. Nothing really to report excpet the Bears sucked balls and lost to the Panthers. I got into a depressive funk from that, and I stayed home on Monday to recover. I know, I know...staying home because my team lost? Silly. Yeah, but I'm a big Bears fan, and it really depressed me. Also, I ran out of Effexor that day so I made a trip to drug store the next day and refilled my prescription for the Effexor. It was the first time I was off of it in a while and it didn't realize the effect it had on me.

Also, I found this pretty funny...I'm glad I don't have a parrot...


Tell-tale parrot exposes cheating girlfriend
Report: Ziggy squawked, ‘I love you, Gary,’ but his owner’s name was Chris

Updated: 9:17 a.m. ET Jan. 17, 2006
LONDON - Chris Taylor, a 30-year-old British computer programmer, grew suspicious of his live-in girlfriend when his pet parrot began to imitate her saying, “I love you, Gary.”

Ziggy, an 8-year-old African gray parrot, would also make kissing noises whenever the name Gary was mentioned on TV and would mimic Suzy Collins saying, “Hiya, Gary,” every time she answered her mobile phone.

Confronted with the evidence, Collins admitted to a month-long affair with a coworker named Gary and moved out of their shared Leeds apartment that same night.

“I wasn’t sorry to see the back of Suzy after what she did, but it really broke my heart to let Ziggy go,” Taylor, 30, told the Times of London in its online edition Tuesday. “I love him to bits and I really miss having him around, but it was torture hearing him repeat that name over and over again.

“Ziggy was one in a million; he was a loyal friend, and I have no doubt he was looking out for me.”

Taylor said Ziggy, who was named after a David Bowie song, has found a new home thanks to a local parrot dealer.

Collins, 25, told the newspaper she was staying with friends and said she shed no tears for the tell-tale bird.

“I’m not proud of what I did but I’m sure Chris would be the first to admit we were having problems,” said Collins, a call-center worker. “We had spoken about splitting up several times and I think it was inevitable.”

She added: “I’m surprised to hear he’s got rid of that bloody bird; he spent more time talking to it than he did to me. I couldn’t stand Ziggy, and it looks now the feeling was mutual.”

© 2006 MSNBC Interactive


Well, if anything, I guess this chick got busted by the bird.

Ok, ok...I'll stop with the bad puns. That's it for me folks. I'm gonna fly on out of here...


pinkplaytoyz 51F

1/18/2006 7:56 am

yes Joe, that pun was for the birds...
but I'll still be chicken you out anyway...
I promise I won't play fowl...
I'll just eat crow instead...
The thought gives me goose bumps...
I don't mean to be robin you of the limelight here...
I'm just eagle to share some laughs with you...
and if anyone doesn't like it, they can stork it up their ass!
birds of a feather gotta stick together you know...


pinkplaytoyz 51F

1/18/2006 8:04 am

hopefully, they'll be flocking to see you now!
I'm sure someone new will take a gander at you soon...
Just don't duck and run.
You're such a lark,
you'll be pigeon for the winning team in no time!
I'll have to crane my neck just to see you on the field.
Just let me know when it gets to be too much to swallow...
Ok, someone sounded the buzzard...I'll stop now!

pinkplaytoyz 51F

1/18/2006 8:06 am

I'll be beak...

AGNJoe1 48M

1/18/2006 8:03 pm

Owwww, my goodness! It seems you laid an egg with all of those puns as they were all for the birds. But at least your sense of humor is almost exactly like mine. Thanks Pink.


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