Day 43: Care to kiss my mistletoe?  

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Day 43: Care to kiss my mistletoe?

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Well, I talked to lvr80 and she's doing better as she attended the funeral yesterday of her grandmother. I would consider it a favor and it would be nice if people here would maybe send a quick e-mail to help cheer her up. I know how she feels though, because I just got word my grandfather is near death himself. I don't know how much longer he has right now. I'm not sure what's going to happen, but I can tell you that with his passing, I'm starting to feel my own mortality. It's a bit scary, but I know I shouldn't fear it. It's inevitable. But I don't want to think about that now as I don't want to depress myself. I want to be happy, even though it's hard right now to feel that at the moment.

Anyway, we talked for a little bit and she said that she'd like to try again for next week for us to get together. So hopefully soon we'll see next week if we can hook up by year's end in her rear end. OH MY GOD! I'm a literary GENIUS! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAA! HAHA hahaha ha ha...


Like you could have thought of something better to type?

I wish I could figure out how to set up a album here! I'd really like to start posting all of my picts here for all to see. Oh and thanks to sleepybbw and LustGoddess2469 for checking my out. I hope you like the update to the picts I cleaned up.

Not much else to say, other than I'm glad the end of the week is almost near. I'll be looking forward to a bit of rest. I doubt I'll get it however.
Oh well. Christmas is a time for excitement.

Now I just need someone to kiss my mistletoe.

Thanks as always for reading.


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