Day 3: Still no offers, but hopes remain high still...  

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11/11/2005 11:09 am

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Day 3: Still no offers, but hopes remain high still...

Ok, I I finally got a hold of the person as she sent me a quick reply back. I was at first very excited to hear from her, but then, my hopes crashed to the ground as she informed me that she was only interested in single guys. And that kinda puzzled me because you see, she's married and advertized that she was looking for only NSA encounters. So I couldn't understand it. She wants sex with NSA, but only with single guys? Look, if it were me, it wouldn't matter if the woman was married or single, divorced or seperated or widowed. If I advertise for a NSA encounter for sex, I'm looking for someone to have sex with...period. So this response completely baffles the shit out of me. Oh well.

I'm not going to get bent outta shape over it, it's her loss if that's what she wants, it's just she shouldn't be misleading married guys about that, and should say "Looking for NSA encounters for sex with SINGLE guys only."

Well, regardless of this disappointment, I'm still looking. Also I applied to join up with one of the local groups here in the Chicago area, and I'm going to try my luck with them and see if I can hook up with someone there, maybe put out an advertisement so I can get noticed there. And I sent some winks out to some prospective members here so hopefully someone is looking at me. I just have to keep positive about it. I've read that some male members here think that some of the women here are fakes and that they are computer generated to draw guys in. I don't know if that's true or not, but I can't believe that because if so, they would have to be faking thousands of women here, in order to draw in guys to buy memberships so they can get better chances of trying to score with the ladies. I just can't believe that is happening.

I also applied to several other connected sites in order to score the extra points, and put down in those profiles I was only there to score the extra points, so I can apply them here. I'm hoping to build up enough points so I could upgrade for one month to a silver membership here. That way I can see if an upgrade helps or not. But I'm have to keep positive that I'm going to try and hook up with a nice lady that will hook up with me for some NSA sex or find a "friend w/benefits". It's just so tough having a wife that doesn't want sex. And I keep trying too because I love her so, it's just it tears my heart out because I continue to try and try and try to work it out with my wife but she keeps dodging me when it comes to sex. It's just so frustrating and I wish I could work things out with her.

Well, I'm going to cut it off here for now. I'll keep updating my journal regularly in hopes someone will see this and be interested. Catch ya all later. I wonder if I'm building any fans yet. LOL!

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