Day 35: Nothing witty about this blog! Go away!  

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12/14/2005 8:37 pm

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Day 35: Nothing witty about this blog! Go away!

I told you not to read it! Oh well, I guess I'll just HAVE to be witty now won't I? Damn.

But first the AGN Joe news...!(cue news intro music)

AGN Joe winks: 1
AGN Joe looks: 0
AGN Joe e-mails: 2
Added friends into my network: 1

Huh. Not bad. I got a wink from one of my favorite women, sideline1968, I got 2 e-mails from Jus_a_lady, thank you for commenting that my blog was good. I do try, I do try...and please let me welcome into the fold of friends, Ms. lvr80!

As for what happened today, well a tiny kink in the plans for both lvr80 and myself, as we will not be getting together Thursday night...crud.
BUT...we did make plans for a luncheon make out session tomorrow afternoon, which I am HIGHLY looking forward to very much, since I found out that both her and I work in downtown Chicago, which is very nice indeed.
As for our actual session, it will just have to be pushed back I think to either Friday or Monday. I will know most likely by tomorrow.

Also, my IM chat has been moved to Macrohard Network, if you follow, and I am listed at eojnga as my handle. Now if you can decode that as reversed, well...then you will know where I am. And if you need to send me correspondence by photons, same handle, at coldmail. Also, all chat has to remain CLEAN if I am at work, as my work has been monitoring my computer so I do have to be extra careful.

I got home and man, a bit of a problem when I got home. I found a small, nasty boil on my bottom. Well, I immediately went to work, and it popped, and can I say it was one of the most PAINFUL things ever to happen to my ass. Right now, I'm sitting on my left ass cheek as the right one just kills to sit on. But I applied some Bactine on it,(man does that shit STING! Well my shit doesn't sting, the Bactine stung) and it did the job to help me clear the infected area. But it hurts like hell to sit on my ass. The stinking boil is right on the point of my ass/hip bone, so sitting is near impossible.

I have been talking to lvr80 at lot, and she is one of the nicest people I've ever met. I did explain to her that while I am in need of a physical relationship, I cannot be able to provide love. It's just something I cannot do right now. I mean, I can care for a person and provide some emotion. I don't think anyone cannot provide emotion while having sex, as sex can be heavily emotional with the person you are with. Oh sure, people can have NO emotion whatsoever, but then the sex is not enjoyable and then it becomes just emotionless and dare I It still might be enjoyable work at first, but after a while, it's still work.
But lvr 80 and I did talk heavily on the subject today, and we both have come to an understanding together regarding that this will be sex, and not love, which she is cool with and knows that at best, we can only be friends. Which I have no problem with, and all I want is for her to be happy.

Well, it's starting to get late, and we old folk need our rest. Well, once again, thanks as always for reading. God bless, take care, and may you NEVER have a boil on your ass.


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