Day 23: Part 3? How lucky! Another post...and how to get my attention...  

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12/2/2005 9:50 pm

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Day 23: Part 3? How lucky! Another post...and how to get my attention...

Well, I promised sweetlilsassyass I would put more photo's up off myself. Here's another if you look to your left. She's from British Columbia, so if any guys up there are looking for her, you'll be getting bonus points if you have a goatee. She loves the goatee's if ya know what I mean fellas!

Not much to report. Oh...I'm posting this late tonight so that if anyone reads my blogs they'll have a new one to read tomorrow, even though it's posted tonight.

I got a few new looks from some other women, but no winks or invites. I did get an e-mail from sideline1968, and we actually did get a chance to talk via chat. She is a very, very cool person from Texas, so if there are any guys reading my blog from Texas, you should look her up, as she if a really, REALLY cool person to talk to and to get to know. Plus she sent me some special picts, just for me, which were highly sweet, and some of them I just couldn't resist but I just had to look at them and think of her stroking my cock, so out it came, and then I came. LOL! I think I found at least a new chat buddy in which to have some really steamy hot chat with at least. Oh and in case her husband, coathanger37, is reading this as well, I also want to thank you for allowing me to talk you her with your permission, of course. You have an AWESOME wife, and whatever you do, hold on to her as tight as you can and never let go. She is truly a gem.

Also, I will probably not be on the site for tomorrow as I'll be headed up north to see the Marquette Golden Eagles in Milwalkee, WI., tomorrow with my father-in-law, as he's taking me to a college basketball game, which should be fun to see. And then Sunday, I'll be over at my sister's house eating beef stew and watching the Bears kick the crap out of the Packers, which ought to be really fun. And if I have any Packers fans reading my blog, although it'll be nice to see my Bears kick the crap out of the Pack, take some consolation in knowing I won't enjoy it as much because your team is so crippled, that it will be hard to savor the victory.

Heh heh heh...who am I kidding? I can't wait for the Bears to maul the Packers! You guys have been killing us for years, it's only fair we get a turn...for the next decade or so.

Oh, another thing. Ladies, I would like it if you DO happen to be interested in meeting me in the flesh and you are from the Chicagoland area, that you give me a wink. That way I will know to check you out, look at your profile and be able to talk to you more and get to know you better.
So WINKS are good! Remember that!


Ok that's it for me. I'll be back next Monday with some more stuff. Thanks for reading, and as always, take care!


sideline1968 49F

12/2/2005 10:11 pm

It was good to talk to you Joe. Have fun at the game. Be looking for my e-mail.
Love from TX

AGNJoe1 48M

12/2/2005 10:16 pm

And you as well julie! Right now you are my favorite! Down Mr. Happy! Down boy!


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