Day 19: Toooo much turkey and no yanky the wanky...  

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11/28/2005 7:40 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Day 19: Toooo much turkey and no yanky the wanky...

Uggggh! Man, if there is one thing that truly a weakness of mine it is food. Pretzels, chocolate are great, but I am a meat eater (Sorry gay guys, not trying to get your hopes up here, I'm strictly a ladies man...) and the two things that get me the most are steak and turkey. And man.....did I overdo the turkey. Thursday was awesome as we did 4 12-pound turkeys in the deep fryers, AND a 20 pound smoked turkey and can I say WOW, there is nothing like a deep fried turkey. Simply awesome. We had plenty of turkey to take home so I took a couple of pounds and made some turkey vegatable soup, plus turkey sandwiches that just kicked ass. Which then lead me to turkey overload. I still have about 3 more pounds left of turkey.
Well, as to help, I asked my wife to help me burn off all of the extra food I ate this weekend. And how did she help?
"Well, you could put up the Christmas tree while I put up the outdoor lights."
Well, I got the tree up and then I heard sobbing outside, so I went outside and my wife was in tears, because all the lights were tangled and she never brought the strings of lights into the house for the plastic wiring to warm up and get flexable, sooooooo...yours truly got stuck working the outside lights as well---as expected. Which then she directed me on how to put up the lights, while I did all of the dirty work.
Then, I tried later that night to see if we could sneak in some sex later that night and she said she was tired. SHE was tired? I was the one doing all of the work that day and she's tired? Hey...if I can do all of the strenuous work with the lighting, lugging 12 boxes of lights, ornaments, and Christmas decorations from the garage to the house, set up the tree, set up the lights both inside and out, hang the decorations, put ornaments on the tree, and though I'm tired, but still horny and want sex, well, I'm not going to say she should put out, but if I still have the energy to to get my holiday jollies, then damnit I should get some loving.
"No, I'm too tired."
Well then, I'll solve that. Honey, you sleep in on Friday and Saturday, and I'll get my day on Sunday.
"Ok then."
Friday and Saturday blow by with cleaning the house, shopping, paying off bills, entertaining the kids taking them for holiday pictures and to go see Santa, and Sunday comes around. I want to do TWO things---See the Bears play some football and kick some Bucs ass, and then later get my jollies on Sunday. Well I got to at least see one of the things I wanted. And since we all know the Bears rocked and went from 7-3 to 8-3, we all know what happened later.
I got in today at work and I realized I hadn't maturbated all weekend, and all of this pent up frustration took it's toll.

As soon as I got into work, my boss wasn't here today and since I work alone at the office, man I whipped it out at work and worked it off while reading LustGoddess' blog. I could imagine just rubbing my cock in between those lovely tits of her's, and within no time, I was rewarded with a huge stream of cum onto the monitor. Well, I later cleaned it off, and now I'm typing this. I still feel somewhat bummed, but I'm over it. Typing this out helps to get out the feelings and frustration, but I just wish I could feel like a man once more.

Well, that's all I have for today. Thanks for reading. I'm going to later enjoy my leftover turkey soup I brought for lunch. I hope that cheers me up a bit. Until then, take care, and god bless.


LustGoddess2469 51F  
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12/9/2005 8:04 am

Sorry, I had missed this one AGN. Sorry you got the short end of the deal over the weekend. I'm glad, thought, that at least my blog and picture may have helped you out a bit at work.


AGNJoe1 48M

12/9/2005 7:53 pm

Lusty! You thought you could sneak this in and I wouldn't notice? I'm mostly all seeing and semi omipresent! That and I don't have too many comments, but I try to pay attention to my blog to respond to all of my posters.
Yeah that weekend did stink, but I must say, I just might have to take care of myself yet again to you lovely photo you left me....mmmmmm!
Anyway, thanks for cumming!


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