Day 186, part two: In honor of Lusty to make her feel better...  

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5/15/2006 8:56 pm

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Day 186, part two: In honor of Lusty to make her feel better...

Lusty...this is in honor for you and all the women, in order to help put a smile on your face...


Men's Personal Ad's And What They Really Mean:

40-ish... 52 and looking for 25-year-old.

Athletic... sits on the couch and watches sport.

Average looking... unusual hair growth on ears, nose and back.

Educated... will always treat you like an idiot.

Free spirit. . . sleeps with your sister.

Friendship first... as long as friendship involves nudity.

Fun... good with a remote and a six-pack.

Good looking... arrogant.

Honest... pathological liar.

Huggable... overweight, more body hair than a bear.

Likes to cuddle... insecure, overly dependent.

Mature... until you get to know him.

Open-minded... wants to sleep with your sister but she's not interested.

Physically fit.. . I spend a lot of time in front of mirror admiring myself.

Poet... has written on a toilet wall.

Spiritual... once went to church with his grandmother on Easter Sunday.

Stable... occasional stalker, but never arrested.

Thoughtful... says 'please' when demanding a beer.

Considerate... gives you an advanced 2 second warning before he farts in bed and fans the sheets.

Well mannered - puts down the toliet lid to hide the fact he's pee'd on the seat again.

Polite - decides not to burp the Declaration of Independance in a restaurant, but will at LEAST perform the alphabet instead.

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