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I am sure that most of you have a good memory of your FIRST TRUE LOVE. A person that holds that one special spot in your heart that you will not give up. Well so do i....

Her name is GAIL. I grew up with her in HALIFAX NOVA SCOTIA. We lived in the same niebourhood, went to the same school and played together as kids. She was then, and still is my closest friend and my TRUE FIRST LOVE.

Comming from a single parent family of 5 kids & my mom, i found that as i got closer to sixteen, i was hanging with the wrong crowd. I saw one of them get shot by the police while trying to do a robbery to get money for his drug habbit(sniffing glue). Thats when i went to mom & asked if i could join the Military, she of course said i could as soon as the school year was finished.

I swore to Gail that as soon as i was finished my training i was comming to take her away with me.But then her mom got criticaly ill & there was no way she would go then, i did understand.

Her mom hung on for another 8 years before she passed, but then Gail was with someone else by then.

Now 30 years later we are talking to each other more now then we have before, but she is still with someone else.

I still love her & want to ask her to come out here to ALBERTA to be with me, but ....well you know.

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3/25/2006 4:22 pm

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