1st Encounter  

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3/30/2006 3:31 pm
1st Encounter

John arrived at the restaurant early as per usual. That was a habit he couldn’t seem to get out of, but then he over planned for every eventuality, or so he thought. His mind was somewhat intrigued by the situation he had found himself in, he got the impression this was not going to be the usual run of the mill kind of meeting. It wasn’t so much a premeditated thing, just a gut feeling.
He had decided to wear slacks tonight, just to be different, and a lime green brushed cotton shirt. The slacks were quite tight fitting but allowed his manhood to hang freely and revealed an enticing bulge in the front. He liked to feel the movement of his cock as he walked, also knowing that someone may see his bulge made him feel erotic. The brush cotton of the shirt rubbed lightly on his nipples making them erect and, again, turning him on. He often wondered if other men had sensitive nipples too.
John had been talking to Teresa on the Internet for months now and had wanted to meet her badly. Their conversations had always had a sexual connotation, but the last one was heavily biased with personal fantasies and intimate needs, erogenous zones and orgasms, more intense than usual you might say. He knew he could tell Teresa when he was aroused and erect and she wouldn’t ridicule him, it was human nature after all. Likewise Teresa would tell him when she was aroused and wet, a fact that turned John on instantly. As he thought of the conversations his felt his cock swell in its confines. This was another time when he wished he had worn underwear, but then, why change the habit of a lifetime? He squeezed his now semi erect cock and felt a shiver run up his spine. He was extremely horny tonight; in fact he wondered how he was going to control himself. He may be 42 but his cock still acted like a teenagers did - uncontrollable!
Teresa was waiting at the table. She had been a little early herself but had decided to have a glass of wine before John got there.
"Hi Teresa! Wow, you look great tonight".
He kissed her on the cheek as he always had wanted to. Once again his cock twitched in his pants, her aroma was so enticing, so sensual. Her perfume had a subtle musk aroma, an aroma that John had always liked. She was wearing a white, silky blouse, which was unbuttoned just h enough to show her cleavage. Her skirt was navy blue and pleated, yet it still hugged her hips and accentuated her sensual curvious womanly body. John took a double take ‒ she wasn’t wearing a bra! He could just see her nipples through the silk ‒ now that was arousing! He was now semi erect, his bulge was growing by the second. He looked at Teresa only to find her eyes looking at his groin. This just aroused him even more!
"This could be embarrassing," he thought.
"I think we’d better sit down now!" Teresa said, smiling. "You will find it more comfortable!" She beckoned him into the booth. It was one of those booths with a semi circular seat. The table was covered with a large cotton tablecloth that draped almost to the floor. This was quite a private booth too, that wasn’t overlooked by other tables.
"This could be interesting," he thought to himself. "Oops, better not assume anything here." He smiled to himself. One of the conversations he and Teresa had had was about "playing" in public places. One of those places was a restaurant! He sat down, still slightly embarrassed by his lack of control.
They ordered their meal and the conversation flowed. They talked about all kinds of things and, after a while, the conversation turned to sex. Teresa loved receiving oral sex and was intrigued by John’s description of a technique he knew called "the butterfly". John explained it as best he could.
"Well" he said, pausing for thought. "First you need to find out just how sensitive the woman’s clitoris is. I do this by flicking my tongue lightly over it and see what response that gets. Then, with my lips, I suck the hood into my mouth and release ‒ it’s kinda like masturbating with lips!" he chuckled. "If you suck then release quickly it gets the woman’s attention!" He felt his cock getting harder as he graphically described his technique to her. He could it throbbing, fully erect, pushing hard against the front of his pants. He let his legs drop open, trying to release the pressure slightly. His leg brushed Teresa's leg, she looked at him and smiled.
"Is this arousing you?" she said with a grin on her face.
"Yeah, I better not stand up for a while!’ he grinned.
He let his leg rest against Teresa's. Normally he would not instigate this sort of thing but his mind was racing and his cock pulsating. He rubbed his calf against her leg. She responded by pushing her leg against his. This made him even more aroused! He didn’t know just how far this would go but he had to find out. Did she really love the idea of being aroused in public? Just how far would they allow this to go? The thought lingered for no longer than a second. He let his hand drop lightly into his groin. He could feel his erection pushing at the fabric of his pants, he gently brushed his cock with the palm of his hand ‒ he knew for a fact Teresa was watching, he knew this would turn her on even more. He let his fingers trace the outline of his cock, accentuating the bulge and revealing a wet patch were his pre cum had trickled out. He traced the line from the bulging tip to his balls. Teresa's eyes were big now, her gaze was fixed on his groin, her face flush but alive with intrigue. It was obvious she was enjoying the show. As his hand traced the outline of his cock he let his elbow rub against her thigh, rubbing lightly against her skirt. He felt her quiver under his touch, all the time his eyes watching for __expression, expressing at the sensory experience, talking without words. Her eyes flicking from his to his raging hard on, her __expression was speaking volumes.
Teresa's hand was resting against her own thigh now. She was moving her hand further up her leg towards her pussy. She was breathing faster now and trembling at the sight before her eyes. Her hand pushed at the cloth in her groin, gently massaging herself through her skirt. She pulled her skirt up a little and slipped her hand under it. John could see she everything she was doing. She lifted her skirt slightly; knowing where Johns gaze was, revealing that she wasn’t wearing any panties. His eyes widened, he could see she was very wet, he could see her finger tips rubbing gently against her own pussy. He could hardly contain himself. She sighed gently as she caressed her swollen pussy lips and opened her legs a little for John to see more. His eyes were now wide too, he was sure that he would cum there and then. He needed to reduce the pressure on his cock, it was pushing hard against the zipper and the sight before him was making him even harder. He gently pulled the zipper, careful not to reveal too much too soon. Alisons chest heaved at the sight. He pushed his hand inside his now open pants and pulled his throbbing cock free of its confines. Teresa tensed as she watched John play with his now exposed and very erect cock. His glands shone with his excitement, his hand gently pushing his cock away from his pants for Teresa to see. His cock was harder than he could ever remember being before. The veins in his cock were standing out and Teresa could visibly see him pulsate. She pushed her fingers deeper into her own pussy and massaged her now erect clit with her thumb. John could see her nipples were erect and could feel her leg trembling against his. He wondered if she would come. His cock was now twitching violently in his hand. He had been gently masturbating while watching her play with herself; he was very close to orgasm himself.
Teresa slowed her movement on her pussy and gently slipped her fingers out. John could see her fingers glistening with her juices, she was very wet. She lightly touched Johns hand, the hand that was caressing his cock, and squeezed. He felt the dampness from her fingers on his hand. That was so erotic, he could smell her pussy juices now, the aroma was strong yet sweet ‒ it seemed to mingle with her perfume to create a powerful smell of raw sex.
"Oh my" he thought "I don’t wanna cum like this, not here!" He gently tucked his cock back into his pants and zipped himself up. He lifted his hand to his face and took a long, deep breath. Her sex scent was so good. He looked at her and licked his hand enticingly. That nearly caused him to cum, her taste was so sweet, so enticing!
"Shall we go?" she said with a glint in her eye.
"Would you like coffee?" he said with a smile. "You’re welcome to come to my place for after dinner drinks."
She smiled "Sure, I love after dinner drinks!"
Teresa followed John to his house. It wasn’t far from the restaurant.
"Wine, coffee, spirits? He asked.
Teresa looked at him deeply. She walked over to him and started to kiss him long and hard. John was unsure of himself here, he wasn’t in control of this and he liked it, he liked it a lot. He lightly flicked her tongue with his, his eyes closed and his mind running wild with his lack of control over the situation. He could feel his cock growing again at a rapid pace, pushing hard against its confines, pushing hard against Teresa, throbbing wildly. He felt at her mercy but in a non-threatening way. His hand moved down to her buttocks, he gently pulled up he skirt and started to massage her naked cheeks. He felt her flex against his hand and quiver slightly.
Teresa's hand was now in his groin, outlining his raging hard on through the fabric of his pants. She was gentle and slow with her movements, knowing that too much would make him cum, and she didn’t want that, yet. She traced the line of his cock from his throbbing tip to his full balls. She felt the dampness of his excitement and imagined the glistening head of his cock, alive with his pre cum. Her breathing increased as she felt his excitement pulsate under her touch, as she felt just how damp he was.
John found the clasp of her skirt and gently popped it open. As he pulled the zipper down he felt her wriggle, all the time she was gently massaging his cock through his pants. She knew what she was doing, not making him cum. Her skirt slid to the floor. He was now kissing her neck, gently making a wet area and then blowing cold air onto it. This was driving Teresa wild; she tugged at the button and carefully slipped the zipper of his pants. His cock bounced out of its confines straight into Teresa's waiting hand as his pants slid to the floor. She shivered as she felt it pulsate, it was hot and she could feel his pulse through the veins now standing proud. She cupped his balls in her hand and gently rubbed her palm against his shaft.
They had moved into the sunroom by now, with all the wriggling and stroking, and were close to the glass patio doors. John stepped free from his pants which had been lying around his ankles on the floor. His fingers were massaging Teresa's nice round latin buttocks. He could feel the heat from her pussy rising to his fingers, enticing him to delve further. His fingers made contact with her pussy. He was taken aback with just how wet she was. Gently he leant her against the patio doors. She was leaning slightly back with her legs slightly apart. He pulled away a little and looked into her eyes. She was breathing heavily and was flushed with the excitement. Slowly he undid the buttons on her blouse to reveal her ample bautiful breasts, all the time still looking into her eyes. He cupped one of her breasts in his hand and took her nipple into his mouth. She gasped as he flicked his tongue too and fro, gently sucking it, massaging it with his lips, now moving from one nipple to the other. Slowly he kissed his way down her body, making sure not to move too fast, wetting an area then blowing on it, moving down towards her groin. He was now knelt in front of her, gently kissing her inner thigh, teasing her with his lips but not touching her pussy at all. He could smell her sex now. It was strong and sweet. He could see just how wet she really was; the dampness was covering her inner thighs and trickling down from her pussy.
Her feet were resting against his knees; her back pressed against the glass patio door. Her hands were on his shoulders, she was holding on for dear life, not wanting to move for fear of losing the moment. The sensations were running wild through her body, the teasing was pushing her to the limits of pre orgasm, her muscles were working overtime to keep her stature but she didn’t care, she wanted more of this.
John moved his head slightly sideways and brushed his chin on Teresa's pussy lips. He felt her quiver again as he moved his head from side to side, slowly increasing the pressure. He lowered his head slightly and started to lick her swollen lips, working on one, then the other, moving from the hood of her clitoris to the entrance to her pussy. He sucked on each one gently, taking in the aroma and the taste. His tongue was now probing the opening to her love nest, his lips brushing against her hood as he pushed his tongue deeper and deeper inside her.
she could feel the orgasm rising up inside her but just as she got close, John would sense it and hold her off. He didn’t want her to cum yet; he wanted the first one to blow her mind. She was trembling with the immense pleasure John’s tongue was giving her, her eyes closed and her mind full of the sensations coursing through her.
John moved up towards her clitoris and licked around its hood. He could feel that it was swollen now and needed his attention. Whilst his tongue was working on her his fingers were probing her opening. He gently inserted one finger, making sure to fully lubricate it with her juices, all the time still teasing her clitoris. Now two fingers in and out slowly, deeper and deeper. He knew what he was looking for, he wanted her "G" spot ‒ but not quite yet. With his lips he pushed back her hood revealing her swollen clitoris. He traced circles around her clitoris with his tongue, still moving his fingers in and out. Now it was time to bring her to orgasm. He sucked her clitoris in and out of his mouth, slurping wildly, making sure that the hood moved with his lips too. He moved his fingers inside her and found the flat of her pussy. His fingertips started massaging in small circles as his lips increased their motion. He felt her pelvis tighten and the muscles in her pussy grip his fingers. He knew she was close to orgasm. He increased the finger pressure and now used his tongue directly on her clitoris as he sucked her in and out of his mouth. He felt her hips buck sharply forward, she started to let out a short groan, then another ‒ this time louder.
"Oh ……….. oh ………… I’m cumming ………. I’m …….. I’m …….." she screamed loud and hard as the orgasm started to rip through her body. She gripped John’s shoulders hard and pushed out with her knees. She was shaking wildly and bucking her hips wildly against John’s eager mouth. She was still building to an orgasm but it was so intense already. John made sure to keep the rhythm of his mouth and his fingers, he wanted her to have her best orgasm yet, and he wanted her to have this pleasure. She screamed again in short sharp burst as the orgasm rose and rose to higher newer heights. John felt the muscles relax slightly. This was it, this was were the orgasm truly would rip into her. He firmed his grip with his spare hand so as not to lose contact at any point and increased the motion of his lips on her clitoris as fast as he could feasibly go.
Teresa's head was resting back on the patio door. She knew this was going to be a powerful orgasm. She moved her hands up to her chest and cupped her breasts, squeezing her nipples between her thumb and forefingers. Then leaning down and sucking them herself. She was now on the very edge of a mighty orgasm. As it rose through her body her muscles went weak, she knew it was the calm before the storm. She looked down and saw John’s head intent on its goal and, just as she rested her head back, it hit her. Every muscle in her body flexed as the orgasm rose from the very depths of her being and coursed unbridled through her body. She screamed again, loud and long this time. It was intense and getting even strong. She could feel John’s fingers working on her "G" spot still and his tongue and lips pouring mountainous amounts of attention on her clit. This was wild ‒ she could feel wave upon wave of intense pleasure course through her. She could feel every follicle of hair on her body standing out from her body ‒ and it was still going. Beads of perspiration trickled down her forehead and her breath was short and sharp.
John felt the power of her orgasm as it reached its apex. He lavished more attention on her pussy. He felt the spasms of her pelvic muscles as the orgasm coursed through her. His face and chin were soaked in her cum ‒ he loved every minute of it. The flavor was unbelievable beautiful, the aroma deeply sexual and the noises of her appreciation coursed through his ears driving him even more to hold this orgasm for her as long as possible. His cock was pulsating wildly between his legs. He could feel his own juices running down his shaft and balls.
As Teresa's orgasm started to subside John gently released the pressure inside her and slowly pulled his lips away from her dripping, hot pussy. His face was covered in her cum and his mouth alive with her taste. He knew how tender her pussy would be now but wanted her to come down gently.
Teresa slid down the door until she was resting on the floor. Her face flush, her breath fast but deep. Her legs were still open, she had no control over them yet but she didn’t care. She had just had the orgasm of her life. She was taken aback by the raw power of it and was still in the throws of post orgasm. She looked down and saw John’s erection standing proud form his groin. She could see his enjoyment by how wet his shaft and balls were. Her eyes were transfixed.
John took his cock in his hand and began to gently rub it. He saw Teresa's eyes light up as he started to masturbate himself, slowly but surely. He leant back on his haunches and closed his eyes as he increased the pressure on his engorged cock.
Teresa leant forward and cupped his balls in her hand. She massaged them gently in the palm of her hand, feeling them bounce as John rubbed his cock. She felt for the base of his cock, behind his balls and, with one finger, began to massage in small circles.
John felt the twinge in his balls, his stomach tightened and he thrust his hips forward. His strokes on his cock were long and fast. He felt himself swell in his hand as his orgasm began to rise. Teresa's pressure behind his balls was driving him wild. The orgasm built and built. He thought he was never going to cum, the feeling was intense and paralyzing, strong and deeply pleasurable. He felt the cum start to rise in his shaft. Teresa increased the pressure behind his balls; he was now ready to explode then she ran her fingers under his balls and found his asshole pooched puckered and ready to be played with. He gasped as he felt her long wet finger penatrate his ass. She drove further and removed his hand in place of her moist warm inviting lips. Looking up at John, Teresa knew he was going to cum hard and fast soon, so her worked his ass in the same motion as her sweet lips were sucking his rock hard throbbing cock. Feeling his need on the edge of explosion Teresa heard. John let out a hard growl as the orgasm pulsed up through his cock. He felt the first spasm and arched his back hard thrusting his cock deeper into Teresa's hungry mouth. Grabbing the back of her head and 2 fists full of her silky long black hair. He looked down through half closed eyes to feel a long stream of hot, white cum squirt from his swollen manhood and shoot right down Teresa's throat. Her eyes lit up as she got the 1st wonderfully hot honey cum this was a delight for Teresa. Then a second stream came shooting out, this time landing on Teresa's breasts and trickling slowly down her stomach, then a another and another. For what seemed like an eternity his cock pulsed and squirted stream upon stream of hot, creamy cum down her throat and all over her huge breast.
Finally he felt the orgasm subside. His cock was still pulsing, trying to force out more cum but the reservoir was empty. His hands was still clasped around her halo of hair still, Teresa's hand still stroking his balls. His face was still wet with her cum and her lips and chest was dripping with his. They looked at each other and smiled. The smile turned to giggles and then full-blown laughter. They had no clue what they were laughing at but they didn’t really care at that point.
John pulled Teresa to him and cradled her in his arms, stroking her hair, still chuckling to himself. That cuddle made the encounter perfect.
"What now?" he wondered. He knew there would be many more encounters

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