All the stuff you couldn't do.  

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8/24/2005 7:39 pm

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All the stuff you couldn't do.

As you've gotten on with your life, you start to remember all of the things that you simply didn't have time for when you were tied down.

Fantasy football. Extra time to go fishing, and hang out with the boys.

It's really sad how most men later on in life wind up with little connection with their friends. Life becomes, Job, Family. Somehow, it seems that women are able to keep their friendships, while men seem to lose their's.

You can go surfing in the middle of the night and not have to answer to anyone. You can have a beer with your friends and not need to rush out because you have a demanding person waiting for you.

And when you realize how much happier you are with your days now that you don't need to deal with the stresses that were unnecessary, you just have to figure that you've found the right path.

Now you look around at people. You can look at a woman walking down the street without taking an elbow to the ribs. You can sit on the beach with your sunglasses OFF and look at the same thing, and again, no sand in the face, nothing.

Walking alone when you've got no responsibility to anyone but yourself can be the most excellent feeling. And when you get down to it in the end- feeling good is what's important.

So now that I'm back up on my feet, I realize how long I was down and out. Stuck in a pattern that only I could free myself from.

Sure, there's still a long way to go before the break is clean and all the wounds have healed.

But the hardest part is over. And the healing will move faster now that things have finally become accepted and are as they are.

Knowing there is someone else out there that is looking for my eyes, knowing that there is someone else who I can be at ease with and smile with, and talk to, and laugh with, that's enough to help me fall asleep without any hesitation.

Sleep. Something that has been a luxury, is once again a common thing. A welcome respite from the reality we live in, and my dreams are worth remembering when I wake up now........

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