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I've been spending a lot of time with my friend J. recently. He's a former newspaper reporter and has a fantastic grasp of the Japanese language. He also has a job that involves going to strip clubs.

Anyway, J.'s been helping me improve my sexual vocabulary (out of bed, because he's married).

Here are some useful ones:

1. 兄弟 (kyodai: brothers)

This word literally means "brothers", but it can also be used to mean two men who have slept with the same woman.

2. お鍋 (o-nabe: lesbian)

For some reason, "o-kama" is all I ever hear people talking about.

3. 両刀遣い (ryotozukai: bisexual)

Literally, ryotozukai refers to someone capable of fighting with two swords.

4. ふんやちん (funyachin: a limp penis)

Something that is limp is "funya-funya".

5. 一発 (ippatsu: one shag)

I guess it makes sense that there is a counting word for fucking. "Mo ippatsu" means "Let's do it again!"

J. sent me the following email recently making fun of my membership in AdultFriendFinder:

諸刃の剣は、"It cuts both ways"という表現に似ています。大きな利益があるかもしれないが、他方ではすごく損する危険性もあるとの例え。


"A double edged-sword" is similar to the expression "it cuts both ways". For example, a situation where there can be great benefits, but also the danger of great loss.

Example: "The progress of technology is a double-edged sword". "AdultFriendFinder is convenient when it comes to finding partners to play with, but sometimes you end up meeting weirdos. That site is a double-edged sword."


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