Survived day 1 on AAF  

9900122 40F
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9/28/2005 3:42 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Survived day 1 on AAF

This is crazy stuff! The emails flooded in on the first day after I signed up and I stayed up still this late to go through them!

Well, I definitely spotted quite a few hot guys, nice guys, 6 packs, and very yummy cocks. If the technology allows transferring electrons, I'd like to suck on a few right now.

But, my biggest concern is that how the heck I are going to figure out that so-claimed-normal-boy-next-door isn't a psycho serial killer or an alien from Mars that has a horn and a tail?

I guess as much as we all want to jump into the fun part, we still have to properly introduce one another.

So, now.. tell me what do you want to do to me after viewing my picture and profile?

mountainequipped 56M
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9/28/2005 3:49 pm

So I often wondered how many emails an attractive woman like you would get on AdultFriendFinder. Judging from the ratio of guys to girls in the chat rooms I figured it could be quite overwhelming. I won't get too personal but I am a little older which makes me a little more well established and able to show you a good time.

I don't know how to help you with your Martian delemna. I imagine that it must be scarier for girls to meet strangers like this than guys, although guys have to be careful too. Never know when you're going to meet a nut ball who becomes obsessed or has a bunch of crack head boy friends that beat the hell out of you.

I suppose the best thing to do is like any other blind date. Either spend a lot of time corresponding and getting to know each other, or meet for drinks and/or dinner at a public place. I could tell you my entire life story but you'd be bored and it would probably ruin some of the suspense that makes this exciting. Why don't we meet at a nice restaraunt of your choosing and see where things go from there. If you're really adventurous, wear a dress with nothing underneath. You can recognize me by the picture in my profile and run away without introducing yourself if you don't like me.

I posted a fantasy on your blog. Let me know if it sounds like fun. Sometimes the allure of sex can be almost as good as the real thing. You could send me some of your fantasies and we could just have cybersex for awhile if your more comfortable with that. Let me know.

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9/28/2005 10:17 pm

Well, you have a couple of good points - but instead of trying to assure you that I'm not an alien (& whatever else), I'll just tell you that your picture is absolutely smoking and has me hot as hell. If you want to meet in a public forum for safety - then cool. Let's do it. Otherwise, I'll sit here and admire you for a while anyway. Holla.

Coercive9907 38M
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10/23/2005 9:05 pm

Well, I'm too far away to hit on you or detail "a night with me" play-by-play. BUT, I'll say have to take that chance sometimes. When it comes down to it, guys are going to say what they think it takes to get you where they want you. What they say may sound great and they might put on a good show in the early going. The only true test of the "Boy Next Door" vs "Psycho Alien" is interaction and time. In the beginning, in that lack-of-emotion-just-having-fun time, anyone can pull off the "Boy Next Door." But time and connection has a way of bringing out the "Psycho Alien" once emotions are involved. So, reality says the only way to know is to know. Take that chance and take the "Boy Next Door" for a test drive, but keep an eye out for the "Psycho Alien" potential. Remember, anyone can talk, but the truth is in the performance!

firephoenix6969 39M

11/10/2005 8:18 pm

i agree with the other guys,, but the whole point of these sites are to take a chance,, email a few times. you know get to know em and then the phone then meet. its all about comfort level. Hence the reason my pic isnt posted. I dont want psycho chicks emailing me. If a girl wants a pic, email me first . Besides i just want a friend with benefits anyway. So have fun girl were still young. Go out Experience all you can. always meet a guy in a social place thats laid back, like the Wynkoop downtown.. thats always fun. drop me a line if you want

firephoenix6969 39M

11/11/2005 9:24 am

email AdultFriendFinder

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1/27/2006 11:20 am

We're all not psycho. Just take your time to get to know someone or just jump on in. You are pretty hot and most viewers would love to get jiggy with you. In fact, I can think of several things I'd like to do...

rm_gee_one 46M
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2/22/2006 4:29 pm

looks as if your inactive? would be fun though if you ever get to colorado springs

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