Finally a place to tell some real steamy stories...  

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9/26/2005 11:51 pm

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Finally a place to tell some real steamy stories...

I have been a main stream blogger for a while. Finally, I am having a sex playground where I can write about my sex stories and fantasies.

It's not something we should feel shy about, so here I am...

Take a look at my profile and come and get down dirty with me. You may be my first "reality" post on my blog.

rm_2drescue 41M

9/27/2005 12:37 am

tell it sexy ,we all wanna hear your adventures........

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9/27/2005 1:36 am


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9/28/2005 2:26 am

First things first.Nice BUTT!! I luvtolic0269 ! Here's a story for you.This is my first experience!!! Once upon a time in 8,2002. It started like this. While driving down a busy street! My hubby said it would be cool to have a three way. He almost wrecked our pickup when I told him "I'll do another girl and let you watch!" A few short/long short/long weeks later . I DID IT!! With my best friend!!!! He just wanted pics. She wanted the whole thing on video! So, she could prove that she did do another girl. It was her video recorder we used.We drove to her house to get it.She wasn't going to be satisfied with polaroid pics. I got to wash her body both outside and inside! Damb straight I played a little (maybe more than that)!Got her horny!ER)We started to get dressed in sexy lingerie and I couldn't help it.We shared a small but all so sweet kiss! It was great!!! We then brushed each others hair and made small talk. I couldn't help myself I had to touch her pussy and wrap my mouth around her nipple. I found myself kissings and licking my way to her curvy hips. Then slowly moving towards her pounding,wet pussy! My tongue touches her clit. She moans loud and long. She taste sooooooooooo gooooooood!!!!!!!! With my left hand. I fucked her with two fingers. Licking and fucking her hard. She screams as she orgasms!!!! I lick up all I can of her sweet juices !!!! She tasted so GOOOOOD!!!!!! And my hubby got it all on tape with her video recorder!!!


9/28/2005 8:04 am

Great profile! Wonderful to all the senses! Lets begin with a bottle of your favorite wine, some small conversation, however the evening should not be clouded with normal small talk. Rather soft glances filled with a lustfull desire. The night air is crisp. We venture inside to candlelight and soft kissing. The wine is beginning to relax our inhibitions and warm our senses. Firm, sensual, kissing...lightly on the nape of your neck, up to nibble slightly on the soft lobe of your ear....your gown falls to the floor...lay softly now on the bed filled with rose peddles...they feel cold on your skin..they fill the room with a beautiful scent... soft light...kissing at the toe..lightly moving upward to the knee, thigh...stomach........back...neck..fingers moving and caressing simultaneous with soft lips....tingling sensations consume and arouse...finding the way to your beautiful waist my tongue now begins to work slowly.....

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9/28/2005 3:13 pm

It's a beautiful warm fall day. We start out early because we know the storms come up by mid afternoon. We're hiking on 4th of July Road by Nederland. No one else is on the trail although we saw a few cars at the trail head. You are in some very short cut offs and a haulter top that really shows off how sexy you truly are. I am getting hard just watching you as we hike the first mile. Since we've seen no one so far, we decide to rick it. We strip off all our clothes except our hiking boots and socks and stuff them into our back packs. The sun keeps us warm as we continue up the trail clothing free and wild. Your cute little ass in front of me makes me hard as rock. We stop to sip some wine from the goatskin and you accidentally drip a little on your breasts. I slowly lick it off and spend some extra time sucking one of your nipples which also gets very hard. Then you playfully sqirt some wine onto my cock and lick it off spending some extra time sucking as well. We hear a waterfall close by so we go off trail and find a clearing by the stream to lay out our blanket. We take off our boots and do some nude sun bathing. While your drifting off into a comfortable sleep I wake you up by squirting some wine on your belly. My tongue cleans it up and then works it way to your pussy. I spend a good long time down there doing circles around your clit until you're soaking wet and begging for some action. You roll over on top of me and start humping away.

Just then we hear voices and another couple pops out of the woods into our spot just as you're screaming into an orgasm and I'm about to shoot my load. Although surprised by what they find they are pretty good looking and fancinated with our sex. I roll you over and start going at it again from on top while they peel their clothes off and start to join in. He has an even bigger cock than mine and she is just as attractive as you as she grabs his member with her mouth. She is watching us coming closer to another oragsm as she plays with his balls and you reach over to start fingering her clit which really gets them off. Next thing I know I am cumming again but you want more and you signal the other girl to get on top of you so you can eat her out. The other guy puts his large cock inside you and you're in heaven. I watch for awhile and then work myself behind the girl so I can aqeeze my cock inside her inbetween your tongue lashes. He is pounding you hard and your tongue is intermittently tickling my balls and working on her clit while I'm thrusting her to an orgasm. We all seem to cum together. Exhausted we collaspe in the sun for awhile until the rain clouds move in. We exchange numbers and head down the mountain. This time with all our clothes back on. Sound like fun?

rm_my5t3ry 54M

10/19/2005 4:08 pm

Inspired by your photo...

I walk into the room and my pulse begins to throb. You are standing with your back to me, wearing nothing but a barely there piece of lingere. You turn your head slightly and look me over out of the corner of your eye, a slight grin escapes your lips.

I walk up to you from behind and place my left hand on the curve of your waist, my other gently cups your right breast. I nuzzle into the space between the fall of your lucious hair and the nape of your neck and inhale slowly and deeply. The scent of you is intoxicating, you can feel it in me by the way I am swelling against your back. as I kiss and nibble at your neck and shoulders my right hand slides smoothly down over your navel to the warm moist place. I can feel your anticipation.

I turn you so we face each other and enjoy a long deep kiss. Moving down your neck I kiss my way to your breasts. Using just the tip of my tounge I pay a little much deserved attention to each of your nipples. they look tasty, good enough to bite, but we'll save that for later. I drop to my knees in front of you. My tounge twitches in anticipation, this is what it does best. You moan gently as I...

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12/21/2005 10:08 am

Great profile and picture.
What would I do after reading it? Well... first we'd meet somewhere like Old Chicagos... for drinks and maybe light appetizers so we could find out were not serial killers. Then I take you home... disarm your defences by introducing you to my puppy (not referring to my member... I actually have a puppy)... and then with some nice wine I tell you about myself and then show you around my place. You notice a grand piano so I play you a few tunes... and then eventually we wind up naked on top of the piano. (not sure how we get there yet but that's a fantasy of mine)

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1/8/2006 7:08 pm

Noice. I'll just get in line here..


4/26/2006 12:17 am

Well... I'm up against some stiff competition (no pun intended!). Allright, let's see...

Our evening begins at an unassuming restaurant, relatively low key, such as a nice diner or this excellent Chinese place I frequent. We have a few drinks and conversation, just learning about eachother and probably having some laughs.

After this, we head out for a movie-Your choice. I should warn you that I do sometimes whisper commentary about the movie we're watching; but if you like that sort of humor, get ready to laugh. If not, I can keep quiet if asked or persuaded. ^__~

Once the movie is done, with the night fallen, we head out for this old church in Aurora. It's a bit of a long drive, but the view of the city all lit up at night is fantastic, like a blanket of snow in the early morning sparkling in the rising sun's light.

After this, well... If I haven't put my foot in my mouth or caused some catastrophe with my clumsiness, I would take you to a hotel where we could pursue ancient delights with carnal abandon... In other words, I give you a long, warm massage with lotion, just to make you relax like jelly in my hands, and proceed to make you orgasm repeatedly by oral and manual means, allowing me to enjoy the flush of your cheeks and whimpers of your voice as you come. The rest, sadly... I have not thought out yet. But I'm sure we could improvise... ^__^

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