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2/19/2006 4:31 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

“An Erotic Time”

So I would begin with both your arms tied to a chair and your legs to a stair,

And only so I could stand and stare, and please your lust and with no control, you would have to trust.

Once ensconced and with gentle ease the oil would melt with every part of your skin to tease and no place would I not rub in,

So with hands on silk would I gently fill the oil within, within.

And with front and back done with smooth aplomb and your sweet toes are mine to linger on,

Then I would start to lick and suck you, and bite and scratch and more and more would I want to hear you moan, and hope for joyous screams and giggles too,

And feel the warmth and wetness of your ecstasy, which by now should be overdue.

And all this would be done before a thought or act to enter you. (With permission)

With an athletic embrace would I penetrate with a slow, slow and then the eventual hectic pace, and while watching every movement of your face.

Would I cry for joy and to know your embrace and perhaps maybe the heavens could be with us for a moment or two of grace?

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