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9/4/2006 9:27 am


Every once in a long while, I actually get to go somewhere interesting for work. Somewhere outside the normal scene of your average Asian/ American/ Australian PacRim city.


This time, I participated in a business convention located in Lijiang, China... in China's southern province of Yunnan. Lijiang is northwest of Kunming by about an hour (flight time), and not the easiest place in the world to get. It's got a base elevation of 3,000m, twice the height of Denver. I've been in high places before, so I'm no newbie to thin air; but, I did notice it later that night when trying to play night sports.


Part of the festivities included a round at Asia's (and probably the world's) highest golf course, at 3,100 (over 9,500ft.) high. Heh, ... yah, even I can drive the ball 300+ yds. at this level. The photo included with this drivel shows the Himalayan mountains in the backdrop... rising thousands more meters / feet into the sky beyond.


Perhaps the most interesting part of this trip... did I mention this was a business trip? ... were the various groups of people living around the area. Most of them were Naxi (nashee), but there were also groups of Bai, and Mosuo, and other tribes. About 60 years ago, they were living in a place called Tibet. Now, they are living in China's Yunnan province... (what a difference a little war makes). Lijiang lies about 400km east of Lhasa. To see, understand how these people live was quite refreshing - they were not your average stock of mainland Chinese. They all speak Mandarin as well as their native tongues, which makes it much easier to get around.

Can't wait to get in a second round next year....

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