My Glory Hole Experience with Picture - In Seattle  

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7/23/2005 2:20 pm

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My Glory Hole Experience with Picture - In Seattle

My Glory Hole Experience with Picture - In Seattle.
I couldn't FIT and I was NOT about to go in soft and get HARD and get Stuck! I asked for a larger hole.. I wanted to check out how this felt..instead, the older lady said she had a bigger hole in her office. She was right, but she was still a little tight. After a few hours, she convinced me to give the hole a try. I was right, I got stuck and for the next few hours all I could hear was moaning and groaning with mutters of Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh and orgasmic squuezes as I felt gushing wetness all over my engorged and stuck cock. One set of lips sucked sooo hard I felt my balls start to get 'blue balls' as I finally came I hear screams and ahhs as I felt the explosion rock her head back and the load let loose and I could hear licking and smacking of lips, till finally the old lady giggled and gave me 10 free passes to the Klub, a squueze of the ass and a tounge in the ear, whispering 'CUM back soon!"

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8/1/2005 12:11 pm

I've had a long-time fascination with glory holes. There's just something about an anonymous person having their way with you, while all you can feel is the coolness of the wall, the edge of the hole, and the wetness from the other side... good lord, just thinking about it has got me sitting in my office with an absolutely RAGING hard-on!!!

I've never been successful in my search for an active hole... I've found a few, but there was never anyone willing to participate on the other side.

Reading about your experience, and knowing that there's an active one somewhere in Seattle right now, has got my heart racing with excitement!! Is there any chance you'd be willing to share a hint as to where an adventurer might begin his quest to locate this little slice of heaven?

8hugenthick 61M
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8/2/2005 4:44 pm

# The Monastery Seattle, WA
Early 80's to 1987ish?. The one place I wish I had gone! Was literally in an old church in downtown Seattle (still there) and was the uber-new wave/gothy place to be. Crammed with the dark and delierious from the bell-tower to the basement, and infamous for having whatever your heart desired on hand. Contemporary of Skoochies and Club Broadway.

*the event happened at the place above* which was closed down hehe...
The Monastery. Opening in a former church as a teen center, the Monastery quickly got into serious trouble, developing major problems with drug use and pimps, he said. They were pushing drugs, taking advantage of runaways and recruiting prostitutes out of there,*

Now -->
The Boom in Redmond and Up and Down in Seattle...
Keep searching but make sure you get a 'glory hole' that is well established and enjoyed...

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