Wichita business meetings are fun  

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2/2/2006 7:25 am

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Wichita business meetings are fun

Yesterday some gents and I had to go out of town for some business meetings. In wichita where most of my old classmates from highschool, and most of my old... well i guess you could say 'ex'es live.

Just for the hell of it I cecided to give one a ring. She had just gotten into a fight with the guy she was seeing so she was pretty happy that I was in town, even though it was just for a few hours. So she met us at a local buffet, which was horrible I might say, and ate with us.

Right as I was finishing my last bite I felt her foot run up my leg... and you could probably guess where it ended up. Causing me to almost choke... HELLO!

"I'm going to hit the ladies room." She said and winked as she stood up.

Hmmm, what the heck, I figured I'd follow her over there. Just to see if this was an excuse to talk to me. Well I was wrong, talk, wasn't what she wanted to do. She pulled me into the ladies restroom and into the last stall.

I instantly was turned on, not because of the bathroom, which wasn't the cleanest i've seen. But because of how to the point she was. The girl pulled her shirt up above her titties (they're large enough that she doesn't have to hold it up with her hands (very nice)). They were just as big and beautiful as i remember back in highschool.

So I started to run my hand down her side and then up her short skirt and low and behold.... no panties... I was starting to forget why I broke up with this girl so many years ago lol. She was already hot and dripping. And of course by then she had my pants on the floor.

She sat me down and slowly inched her way down onto my throbbing cock... i thought i was going to blow right then i was so excited. It took her about 2 mins to get loosened up to really get going. We were so hot that it only took us 4 mins of her running that wet, shaved, puss up and down my cock before we both climaxed.

We headed back to the table where my friends were laughing, obviously they were not newbs in the field. They knew what had gone on.

"It was nice meeting you guys" she said to them, then she turned to me, "call me when you come back."

Ohh hell yeah

Needless to say, it only took about a half hour before the guys got the story out of me on the trip home.

It's the best when you don't expect it.

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