What The World Needs Now  

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12/26/2005 12:32 pm

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What The World Needs Now

My thoughts today are on the high price of energy. Each and every one of us has to learn to conserve energy, not just because prices are high but we think it will never run out and it will not run out for a long time but as it does my greatest fear is the world will be fighting over oil.
Sometimes I think oil should be called BLACK DEATH as so many in the world have been killed over it.

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11/11/2006 11:51 am

Well can you tell Hyrdo Ontario to come check my meter cause they won't listen to me. I know there's no damn way I consumed close to $1000 of hydro in a 4 month period. Getting anywhere with them is like taking candy away from a child. Their response to the high bill and my questions of possible defect with the meter itself was simply, there's nothing wrong with your meter and this was without coming to check it for wiring defaults which I think may have happened during a bad storm end of June after alot of the neighbors had massive damages done to their homes. Even checking last years consumption at the same period proves there's something wrong yet they refuse to deal with it. All I got told was, pay the bill. Did you also notice that almost half your bill if not more, is due to carrier charges and taxes? Consumption is only about 35-40% of your bill.

As for oil, I don't think we will run out of it anytime soon. You might be able to get some answers to that by visiting the Government of Canada site (I can provide you with the exact Department name if you like via email)

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