Ladies, you can have it all! The numbers are in your favour.  

7inchlinguest 62M
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7/25/2005 12:52 pm

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1/24/2011 12:17 am

Ladies, you can have it all! The numbers are in your favour.

Most of you ladies are probably as pleasantly aware of the same fact that us men find to be a rather dismal reality. The number of men seeking women are about 10 to 12 times the number of women seeking men. What this means is that many of you ladies get dozens or so e-mails everyday! Your problem is "Gee! How do I sort through all this and who do I date!" That can be a rather daunting chore. Perhaps the problem is the old idea of a "date". A sorting out from 50 or so guys to find one or two for an evening. The prospect of a disappointment and a less than satisfying evening and the investment of time to hear endless self aggrandizing B.S. from some guy who wants to win you over all for himself(in which case, he should go to E-Harmony or one of those other places)... Here is an idea for some of you wonderful ladies to play with, those of you blessed with a much higher than average female sex drive (the ones I really love). Plan for yourself, on a Saturday or Sunday(assuming those are your days off) a "Power Date" day. Lets say, just for fun, you have gone through all your contacts and sorted them down to, oh, 20 or so. Lets say you start at 10 a.m. after breakfast and a shower, and your first date comes over for, 30 minutes. You could schedule one for every half-hour until 12:30 p.m. and give yourself a half-hour or an hour(or more or less depending on what you want) and start in again after a short rest(if that is what you want). This could go on until dinner time and start up again until you want to go to bed(perhaps alone or with an "overnight date"-up to you of course). In some cases, you may want a "double date", one for the front and the back at the same time. In other cases, seeing you have to overbook because some guys I've heard "flake out"(what the hell is up with that??) you might have 2 show up at the same time. Well, no problem, if they all know the score, one can wait for the other or, if you like, be part of a "double date". If what I've just described isn't as efficient as what you would desire, how about have 3 to 5 at a time over for 3 or 4 hour sessions? They would have to be willing to leave for your rest time or lunch time. Than you could have your next set of 3 or 5 come over after lunch, and, once again, because of the "flake out" scenario, you would have had to overbook, you might get 5 to 7 come over. Well, you ladies can think of some other scenarios for yourselves, and I for one would love to hear about them, or even better be invited!

rm_Elysia2005 44F
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7/25/2005 6:26 pm

While I won't go so far as to say I double-book for a time slot, I DO sometimes have a backup plan... Depending on how well I know him, and how honest I can be with him, he'll either know that I have "other plans" (not specifying what kind of plans) that may end early and/or not pan out, or he'll flat-out know that I will come to him instead of, or after, someone else. My general rule is, if someone is getting seconds (mind you, they are rarely sloppy seconds with me) within a relatively short time frame, particularly if I haven't had any clean-up time, he knows. If there's been a lag, and clean-up has occurred, then it really depends on the exact nature of our relationship whether or not he knows there have been others in the extremely recent past.

My record is 4 guys in 24 hours, keeping in mind that I woke up with the first one that morning, and went to sleep with the last that night.

FYI, I have run across more than a few guys who are not only not bothered by their "after" status, but actually kinda turned on by it.

7inchlinguest 62M
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7/26/2005 7:25 am

Well, Stan part of the problem you speak of is that the double standard makes women sluts for doing what I speak of and also, of course, contributes to the skewed gender ratios that we see on sites like this. Our sexual mores encourage (less so in recent decades) women to withhold sex as a bargaining chip for commitment and marriage. Some cultural conservatives speak of the sexual regulation of women as being "a civilizing factor" for men(ugh!). That opens up a very long dialog about the malevalent and anti-huministic aspects of so called "civilized" social philosophy with regard to human sexuality. Maybe I will blog some of these issues in the future. Falls into the philosophy of life and sex catagory.
Elysia, I am one of those guys who has no problem with being 2nd or 3rd or whatever, because that tells me you have a very good sexual appatite and if I know you use condoms with the other guys I can dive down on you and take in the wonderful scent and taste of your hot womanhood without worring about std's or tasting the essence of another guy (not my thing to taste someone elses cum). Yes, go for the gusto! You can break your previous record if you want

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