A writing on saftey  

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2/9/2006 6:04 pm

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A writing on saftey

What is safety? How does one achieve safety? Is it a concept that applies only to physical or is it emotional? Perhaps even both? These are all questions that arise when I concern myself with creating a safe environment. I consider it my moral obligation to build a safe home for my family, surrogate and biological, in all aspects. I did not ever try to tackle how I would accomplish this until quite recently. In a conversation with someone who is close to me I brought out of my own psyche that I am in no position to create a safe home if I am not safe first.

Regardless, I first have to find out what the word “safe” means to me. I look at safety as a broad term that covers a large amount of factors. I may understand them, but how do I go about explaining what is in my head to someone else? I can begin this way. First and foremost safety is an emotional word. There are many times when someone could be in physical danger, but they are emotionally stable to the fullest extent of the word stable. True danger comes from within. This may be skewed in my own feelings of what is to be feared and what is not. There is a part of me deep down under a strong will and highly centered control that can be called nothing less than a coldhearted rancor. It seems completely illogical that I can produce a safe home for my family if I have this maliciousness in me. I will counter myself in saying that is it not possible for that same acerbity to increase the safety of my household? I see it this way, if my family is put into danger by someone who enters my home unlawfully then I need to protect my family at all costs. I can tap into that viciousness to be put to good use in order to defend my family. However, what if a member of my family would witness this behavior? Would that not defeat the purpose of keeping my family safe from physical harm? Children exposed to a demonstration of this behavior by the people they are closest to can be drastically changed in how they look at said person. The feeling of safety I would be trying to establish would become moot. The child will have learned to fear me in watching my behavior. Thus, I am brought back to defining safety. It seems to me that emotional well being is much more important to physical safety. If a person is afraid of you in any way, how is it that they can feel safe in your home? It becomes illogical to attempt to form a safe home for a family if you are not safe yourself.

It is this that has caused me to really look into myself on how to balance safety and protection. I have learned through these experiences that they are defined differently and still pertain to the same subject. Maintaining this balance is done on the edge of a knife. I believe I have figured out at the very least to provide comfort and safety in my own arms. I have a place that I establish as home for my loved ones. This does not necessarily mean a house. An example is I use my bed in my former dorm room as home. My bed is really nothing more than another chair being that my dorm room was rather small and seating was limited. When I am in there either alone or with a loved one, platonic or romantic, there is nothing to worry about. I consider it much like a safe box. I can leave the bed and do what I have to do to keep my loved ones safe, but I can do so without endangering the opinion of my loved ones toward me. It is in this way that I can keep the balance together. I cannot make my house a safe place for this reason. If I make it much more concealed into a small area, I can still protect my house without endangering the integrity of my home.

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