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5/30/2006 12:07 pm

It was early morning and I felt the bed around my head sink. There was a nice familiar scent and something soft touching my lips.

I opened my eyes and I saw my girlfriend positioning her clit on my lips. She had me pinned to the bed with her legs and sat on my face smiling. She never said a word.

I started to tongue her clit and she positioned herself for maximum satisfaction.

She slowly started moving her clit and pussy lips across my tongue.

I could hear her softly moaning and groaning.

Her inner thighs started to tighten as she was slowly building. She would release her tension with her legs and tighten up again. She moved her clit more vigorously on my tongue.

She moaned as I circled her clit with my tongue. She started grinding faster and faster and she started to quiver. Her stomach tighten and her legs squeezed my head as she sat firmly on my face and exploded and squirted her juice.

I lapped up her sweet little pussy and sucked her clit in my mouth.

She grabbed the headboard and her pussy kept cumming as she slowly moved her pussy across my face and tongue.

She sat up and looked down to me and smiled. She was still cumming a little.

I could feel her pussy pulsating on my mouth.

She stopped only for a moment and put her head back and caressed her 34b's.

I stuck my tongue in her and she froze as her finishing orgasm just intensified. I quickly lifted her slightly and tongued her clit as fast as I could.

She exploded again and pinned me with her weight.

She wasn't about to give me control.

She worked out that orgasm and turned around stuck the cum out of me.

The rest of the day she continued to jump me. In the hallway, living room, bathroom anywhere and everywhere.

That evening we slept good. I was raw, tongue felt swollen and even my fingers were tired.

God it was good to be attacked and molested like that.

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