On the counter  

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5/5/2006 10:52 pm
On the counter

She walked up behind me and put her firm 34b firmly against my back and whispered in my ear "is this yours"?

I turned around and it was my soon to be girlfriend.

She placed her firm erect nipple in the center of my chest and asked again "is this yours"?

My brothers mouths about hit the ground.

It was a party at her house and we were all outside.

She said find me in an hour and I'm your's and gave me a kiss and walked away.

The placed was crowded. I looked and looked.
I found her in her living room wearing nothing but her strapless bra pulled down to her waist. She was on her hands and knees pulling down this guys zipper.

I took off my shorts and knelt down behind her and grabbed her waist and stuck my cock in her wet tiny little pussy and told her I found you.

She put her head down on the floor.

That guys head was leaning back on the chair. He then looked up to see what was going on.

She was moaning so softly it was sexy. She tightened up her pussy around my cock and reached back with her arms and grabbed my ass and pulled me in tight. She made her pussy grab my cock. She got up on all fours and zipped up his pants and said you just missed out.

She put her head back on the floor and put her sexy legs together and arced her back so my cock was met by her pussy and was going in all the way.

He got up and said she's yours now and stood there watching her stretched little pussy wrap around my cock and pulsate.

She said fuck me hard. Fuck me hard and fast.

I picked her sexy naked body up and carried her to the counter and laid her down. Her sexy petite ass was on the edge of the counter and just the back of her shoulders and head was touching the counter.

The people just moved their drinks out of the way on both sides and remained quite. Best seats in her house.

I placed my hands on her waist and thrusted my hard cock into her eagerly waiting pussy. She let out a loud moan.

She put her hands on my hands and started meeting my thrust more eagerly with each hard quick thrust. Her pussy was quivering and twitching and flowing with juices.

She looked me in the eyes and didn't say a word. We held each others glance and were in our own world.

She started to cum pulsating harder and harder as she came. Her sexy moans became louder and louder. She closed her eyes and ground out her orgasm and savored every bit of it.

She opened her eyes and then realized where she was and all those people around her. She sat up real quick like a bolt of lightening and hugged me tight. She thrusted her tight little pussy against me and she slid off the counter from our juices.

My cock went in as far as it possibly could.

She buried her face on my should and said don't move. She wrapped her legs around me so tight we almost became one.

She slowly lowered her legs and stood on her tip toes and got off my hard cock.

She turned around faced everybody grabbed my cock from behind her and said I'm taking my cock to MY BED. Giving everybody a full frontal view of her sexy body.

Mr. Zipper now ex-boyfriend said I'm out.

He watched the whole thing before leaving.

She lead me by my hard cock firmly in her grip down to her bedroom. She climbed on the bed and turned around and spread her legs.

She was so sexy laying there with just her tail bone and back of her head touching her pillow. Her firm 34b's and perky nipples were aching for attention.

I crawled between her legs and kissed her clit and slowly crawled up to her. I kept contact with her clit from my mouth down my chin and neck. Then slowly and constantly down my chest across my stomach to my now pounding hard cock.

She moaned uncontrollably so softly and excitedly the entire time make sure her clit kept contact with the fluid movement that excited her so much.

I put the head of my cock in her and stopped.

She looked at me smiled grabbed my ass and pulled me in her tight pussy.

The musky smell of sex was now filling the room and it drove her crazy.

She didn't say a word and slowly closed her legs and thrusted her pelvis up to me.

I slowly straddled her and felt her clit maintaining constant contact with my cock.

She smiled as I laid on her and grabbed the sheets above her head.

She gave me a passionate french kiss tickling our tongues.

I started and felt her clit as I pumped and thrusted grabbing the sheet to help pull me faster and harder. We were rocking the bed and it was hitting the wall with such a loud noise I could barely hear her moaning as she kept getting tighter and tighter. Her pussy juices were flowing even more making it easier to go faster and harder while her tight little pussy grabbed and pulsated stronger and stronger until she yelled with and intense orgasm. Her pussy being as wet as it was still managed to grab my cock so hard I couldn't pull out or thrust in.

She came and came pulsating and grabbing my cock tighter and tighter until her orgasm started slowly releasing her tight grip on me so I could finish pumping that hard cock in her sweet little pussy.

She quivered and twitched for a long time.

As I slowly and firmly thrusted my cock now hers into her as she tightened her pussy up around my cock and I exploded loads in her.

She said keep cumming I want it all.

She put her arms under my arms and around my shoulders grabbing the back of my head and gave my a long tender passionate loving kiss.

She said "that made my ears ring". She laid there enjoying the feeling as I did.

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