A piece of pie  

77hwzt2 55M
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5/22/2006 6:43 pm
A piece of pie

We had just moved into our new house. Who would have guessed the front outside light would burn out.

We went outside to replace the light. It was a beautiful cloudless night. New moon and the stars were shinning bright above. We stood there holding each other.

She turns slowly and gives me a dirty smile.

We had moved to the country and thought nobody would be moving around around 11 pm.

She pressed her body tightly to mine and gave me a passionate kiss. The kind of kiss that makes you tingle all over. We both felt it. I got goose bumps and so did she.

She lifted her top off and turned around took off her tiny shorts.

She just slowly and sultry laid her self on the front deck and pointed her sexy ass in the air.

I took off my shorts and put the head of my throbbing cock just into her pussy to feel her twitch as it went in.

She slowly rocked back and my cock went into her wet tiny pussy.

We moved together effortlessly and I felt her build.

She turned over and said make love to me.

I lowered myself and put my cock in her with one quick thrust.

She held my shoulders and with the palms of her hands keeping me away from her body I wanted so much.

I started to thrust faster and faster.

She started moaning. God her voice always melted me.

She kept moaning and she was pulsating and just on the verge of a massive orgasm.

Would you like some pie a female voice said.

She exploded and couldn't stop cumming.

Another voice said would you like some fruit.

I turned so slowly and saw two women in their mid to late 50's looking very hot watching us at the bottom of our deck.

She kept cumming and grabbing my cock with her pussy all she could do was look at our new neighbors as she came.

She finished and still shocked she moved her pussy and my cock came partially out.

They looked with such eager lust they just smiled and asked want some pie and put the items down and left.

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