Notes from a (sort of) former pro wrestling fan  

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7/14/2005 10:01 am

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Notes from a (sort of) former pro wrestling fan

Yes, it's true, I'm a former pro wrestling fan. Well, sort of. Pro Wrestling for me is somewhat akin to my experiences with Godzilla and Ultraman (or Ultramen). I don't watch them anymore, pretend I don't care about them. Then I turn around and check out all the news about them on the web that I can find. Each new project makes me say, "hey, that looks cool." It may be a case of "once a fan, always a fan." Same way with pro wrestling. I don't watch any programs on TV or go to the live shows, but I still check a lot of news from various Internet sites. So why can't I totally give it up? Because, wrestling (like Godzilla and Ultraman) got it's hooks in me when I was young.

I'm what you call a "stradler," as in I "stradled" the gap between the old regional days and the nationwide exspansion of the WWF (which killed off all the regionals). As a native of Charlotte NC, I grew up with one of the most popular regional bookings offices ever, Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling. At about 8 or 9 years of age, I was flipping through the stations one day and came across the team of Jimmy Snuka and the Iron Sheik, beating up a pair of jobbers. My first reaction was "this is the coolest thing I have ever seen." I found out we had two shows here, Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling and World Wide Wrestling. I watched them religiously. I was hooked, no denying it. And I believed. This was years before the sport was exsposed, years before newsletters, message boards and web pages. I believed and that it made it so much more fun.

Wrestling changed forever after the WWF bullied it's way into every territory in America. Their CEO, Vince McMahon (scum bag supreme) laid waste to what I had grown up with. But relief arrived with a mean and nasty little promotion from Philly called ECW. This was blood, guts, old time stuff. My faith was renewed. But nothing lasts forever. ECW tried to expand too quickly and they paid the price. They folded one dark night a few years back. Since then I have not watched any wrestling on TV and tell myself that my interest is over and done with. Then I turn around and keep up on the news about the independant scene, which I find quite fascinating. The Indys have all manner of impresive workers and it's a shame that these promotions don't have TV. I've heard great things about groups called PWG, ROH, CZW, IWA-MS and others. Many video tape their big shows for home release. If I wasn't busy building up a DVD collection of slipstream movies, I might check some out. I also have a perverse interest in the whole "death match" subgenre. I would love to get into the head of guys who wrestle these extreme death matches and try to find out why they are so willing to destroy their bodies for virtually no money (you don't make any real money on the indepandant scene). Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling) also interests me. So as you can no doubt tell, I'm lying to myself when I say I'm not a fan anymore. Sure I don't watch it on TV anymore, go to live shows or buy the merchandise. But I keep up with the news, think about the good old days, keep my eyes out for news about up and coming young stars and shed a tear when a wretler I knew passes away. Get hooked at a young age, you get hooked for life. My interest level varies, but it never goes away.

I got to wind this up. The man who is "not" a wretling fan has got to go find out the results from CZW's last big show and if PWG's Super Dragon got his revenge on his former tag team partners.

Yeah, I'm not a fan. Sure I'm not

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