What she might think of my kiss  

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1/19/2006 6:03 pm

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What she might think of my kiss

That gorgeously wonderful thickness of his pressed up hard against your tightened belly. The weeks, almost months, of your workout regimen were showing off your new attribute of a firmer abdomen and tighter ass which you could tell had been pleasing him. Your larger breasts were perhaps slightly smaller if you went by overall cup size but still represented your sexual presence. Nonetheless, you enjoyed his touch and company…you friendship having evolved over the past month or so.

This afternoon, he had given you an expensive set of some relatively alternative jewelry. He positioned and then clasped tight a diamond and thin gold link belly chain that lay firm, tightly hugging you just below your belly button. You allowed his tongue to explore and lick that part of you afterwards. His mouth ended up further on your chest. You enjoyed normally the sucking he would give your tits. This time he assured the full arousal needed to allow the full enclosure of the gold links encircling each nipple---the length of the overall chain dipping lower to your navel. The linkage of gold matching perfectly that below your midriff. He enjoyed your body and would always remark upon that both before, during and after he fucked you. His attention and gifting was part of what drew you to him but the sex was the more intense of the desire.

When you had met, you ended up sharing some time in a local inn’s jacuzzi. You were in need of some downtime and had arranged for childcare so you could have a few nights alone to yourself. It was nearly midnight and you immersed yourself into the water and with no one else around you had removed your two piece bathing suit to fully enjoy the effects of the hot pulsing water, swirling about the contours of your ass and feeling your breasts floating to a degree within the turbulence of the water’s surface. Your arms stretched back over the warmth of the ceramic edging and your eye’s having just barely closed to enjoy the overall relaxation you had needed from the day.

“Are you okay with some company”, a decidingly masculine voice interrupted your idle thoughts. You looked up at an intensely attractive man, more so as you took him in, who happened to be just wearing loose, gray sweatpants. No shirt which presented you no problem given his overall build. Perhaps your age, maybe a little older but quite cute.

“Love to have you,” having realized a certain suggestiveness in that comment. You had noticed that he looked at your exposed breasts in the interim. You had begun to close your thighs slightly but then had decided otherwise as you watched slowly remove his pants and underwear. Fuck, you had muttered under your breath as he exposed himself.

It was from that particular night and for each week afterwards that you and he had arranged time for each other. It wasn’t specifically an emotional connection although perhaps you were enjoying more of him when you sat down to catch up on your individual week’s experiences. While you hated to admit it, your basic and primary interest was really his cock. Not that you were expressly size oriented but he did show off an attribute that you had not seen or considered for many years. That first night as his length jiggled against his thighs as he entered the water was inticing and you felt amazingly and quickly turned on. You could not recall any remnant of the conversation you and he had at the time but you did remember feeling how hard his cock stiffened in your mouth as you attempted to try giving him a blow job as he sat on the edge of the jacuzzi. The swollen head was about the most you could attempt. Fortunately, the overall roominess of your relaxed pussy allowed both of you to enjoy the expanded girth and thrusts of that monstrous cock as he fucked you hard and repeatedly for over an hour. Normally, you didn’t like it from behind but you allowed him to do so, to finally cum, your own cunt tense around his shaft now imbedded hard, pinning your cervix with that dull ache as most of his cock remained jammed inside of you---your one hand reaching around to hold onto and squeeze a further five, maybe six inches.

But you had developed a technique that relieved some of the next day’s achiness your cunt would get from his weekly fucking. You led him back to the bed. The gentle tugging of the diamond clasps providing a distinct, yet enjoyable warmth around your now swollen nipples. The pressure was part of the sensation but other ideas were producing the wet throb between your thighs. His cock was at full length---always that way it seemed and with no disapproval on your part. Occasionally, a hand job or quick suck could get him perhaps a little longer.

You had him lay down on the sheets, having pulled down the comforter. Straddling his thighs, you gently coated his cock and balls with a thick layer of massage oil, rubbing both areas smoothly and firmly. You especially enjoyed fingering and playing with his balls, particularly on those occasions when you knelt in front of him. His sack hanging ever so low…his testicles were much bigger than any of the men you fucked in your past and you could watch him squirm as you pulled each one deep into your throat. You maneuvered yourself up further, both of your hands pulling the lips of your cunt wide. Those engorged twelve inches of cock completely and totally yours for the taking as your pressed your soft lips around that shaft. And then began that slow, luxurious and sensual movement along his full length. The rigidity he could always provide for you in contrast to the increasingly wet softness of your cunt as you slid up and over and then down that huge cock of his. He never ever lasted very long with this technique, you had noticed. Neither did you as you own quite rigid clit would send you to that next level of overall pleasure. Both of your orgasms always remarkably intense and, from your perspective, quite loud. You looked down and watched as his pearl white cum spread up over his chest and belly. You enjoyed feeling him cum inside of you and sometimes you just liked to watch. He softened underneath of you. You leaned over and kissed him. Your lips parting as your tongue slid deep within. Your face and your entire body feeling hot as he responded in kind, his strong arms pulling you hard into his chest

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