(Mental) Masturbation  

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12/15/2005 8:53 am

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(Mental) Masturbation

It's been forever since I made an entry here - but guess I felt the need to unload - no, not *that* - was just remembering a couple of relationships I had, now too long ago. And, not to get into the scary personal details that we don't share on here - but in both cases, we rarely had "normal" vaginal, missionary-position, sex. Well, I guess that doesn't really narrow it down much, even my "normal" sex is abnormal...

But you get the idea. We'd kiss, cuddle, caress - but when it came to "that", well, panic-time.

So, instead, we'd ultimately engage in a kind of masturbation - I'd make long, slow patient love to them, with fingers, lips & tongue, and anything else that came to hand, other than *that*, and do this until they came, and maybe came again - that is, until *they* were done. Then, separately, maybe later, or the next time, they'd do the same for me - well, mostly manual ("handjob" sounds so crass), with lots of kissing and caressing.

Point being, what was great about it was the ability to completely focus - to be either completely piggishly selfish (as the receiver) or completely, devotedly unselfish (as the giver.) No distractions, no worries about cumming before her, or about whether or not you're getting proper attention, no urgent rush to your own orgasm.

Anyway, the reasons for *our* doing it this way were deeply personal. But it's probably not that different from what many of us did back when we first started exploring our sexuality and have since matured (trying to avoid 'bad' words, here). But, if you haven't done something like this recently, it might be worth re-visiting - you may be surprised at how pleasurable it can be to simply give someone else pleasure, without a single selfish impulse.

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