sex and cheese graters  

6nostringsfun9 42M
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1/26/2006 4:02 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

sex and cheese graters

i shudder at the thought because there is no possible pleasurable way to incorporate a cheese grater into a sexual situation. i can only envision pain and suffering for one or both participants. i was mostly just trying to get your attention with the title anyhow. that way i can ask you a question that pertains to the title:

what is the most strange/fun/interesting houshold object you and your partner (or you solo) have used sexually?

timberwolf6972 45M

1/26/2006 4:55 pm

ouch!!!!! a spatula maybe

rm_saintlianna 46F
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1/26/2006 5:28 pm

A triple speed blender with attatchments

southrnpeach333 52F

1/26/2006 5:29 pm

A wine stopper. It is made of wood and has a round ball on the top. and is about 4-5 inches long.

6nostringsfun9 42M
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1/26/2006 6:41 pm

lianna too funny.
peach got any pics of that?

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