Sex with a stranger  

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7/18/2006 11:35 pm

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Sex with a stranger

This is a great story. We ended up good friends and catch each other when we can. I rang the doorbell expecting to see a man about a 4 wheel drive 69 Ram. I never expected to see this, a middle aged lady dressed in a short flappy skirt and button down shirt. I told her I was there for the 69 Ram, she laughed weird and just shook her head, her face was already red and she had a strange look. I got the drift, I said no problem, could I use the bathroom, she nodded and wiggled her finger motioning me to follow her. At the bathroom, she leaned over the sink to clean it up, and she's not wearing panties. I walked up close behind her, putting my body against hers, pushing my crotch against her butt, my hands on her hips and softly asked if she was just masturbating, yes was all she could barely say. She shook her head yes when I next asked her if I could rub her pussy. I licked my right middle finger and started rubbing her slit slowly, just along the outside of her pussy lips. Every once in a while, I penetrated a little deeper with my two fingers. With my left hand I led her hands to undo my pants while I unbuttoned and removed her shirt. She looked so sexy and I told her so. My pants fell to the floor around my ankles. With her back still to me, I grabbed the lower back of her hair, bent her further of the sink, pulled her skirt up over her lower back, grabbed my dick, ( I love touching it) and started rubbing the helmut head along her wetness from behind, that feels so good. With my dick in the right hand rubbing and going deeper and depper into her, I reached around with my left hand and start slowly working on her clit. Now she is so wet, horny, her clit is swollen and her ass is pushing against me and wiggling. I first nibble on her ear and neck, then whisper for her to yell "fuck me hard". She yells it loud, leans further over the sink, holds on to the faucets for leverage, grabs my dick and just pushes me all the way in. She moans, I do my steady breath technique and push against her as far as I can and wiggle my dick side to side, inside of her. I pull her hair a little further back, so we can make eye contact in the mirror. As she looks at me, we get are hips in sync, and start pushing faster and harder. I tell her to come on my dick. I still have my left hand on her clit, were moving so fast I don't have to rub, she gasps a deep breath, a quick pull of the hair and she has that beautiful orgasm. I continue to pump, she is riding it and enjoying every thrust. Finally I could feel my dick swelling (good sign I'm gonna cum) and let go of a huge load of my heritage deep in her. I'm still pumping and groaning, she's riding and moaning, cum is running down her leg. Sex is such a great smell. Two people have there own individual sex smell and when it combines, that can be a great reminder the next morning in the shower (usually gets me hard again)

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7/19/2006 12:14 am

wow....*sighs dreamily*

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